PRUDENCE MASEMENE (@lesbian_comfort)

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Imma be busy for like the next 5 days so I wont be posting buh I'll be back
Love you @shaymitchell


Happy Birthday to this amazing human being. I am honestly so proud of you. You really are such an amazing actress, author, and person in general! You are such an inspiration to everyone. I love you so much. You make life worth living!! You are such a goofball and so freaking hilarious it's so wonderful!! You have showed me being yourself is the best thing to do. You support such amazing causes and really are a genuine soul. You care for so much and I am truly thankful to have such a wonderful role model. I am so blessed with such an angel!! You are so sweet! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out and have showed so many people what love is. You have provided so many people a barrier that's full of happy times. You really are the best anything anyone could ever have. I love you so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. You are slaying my life and slaying 30. Stay you! ❤️#shaymitchell #happybdayshay #iloveshaymitchell #shaym