Richard D Whiddon (@garden__diary)

Check out these new rare -Variegated String of Pearls I added to my garden! 😃 💚
And if you look carefully you’ll see some cute pink blooms on the right !!🌱🔍👀

do Sofá (@karyduarte)

Sou daquelas que vai na floricultura e quer fotografar cada cantinho 💕🌵 Quem mais??? 🙋🏽

Meg 🌵 Southern California 🌵 (@savedbysucculents)

That's a wrap! I am officially all pumpkined out! I have two orders to deliver and then I don't want to see a pumpkin for a while 🤣 Although they were fun to make and I'm happy to have some extra cash!

Shane Guillen (@shanedoggbmx)

How dope are my plants looking. My new hobby, just like my other hobbies, its out of control. I found that growing these plants have brought a lot of happiness and joy to my life, it's very therapeutic, and really helps me learn to work on my patience. I have learned to enjoy the beautiful things this world has to offer as I get older, the things that I never knew were out there, visual things that can make me/you happy. Depression was never really a part of my life until losing friends, family, business, house, divorce, dogs, etc recently. Everyone goes through these times and everyone deals with it in their own ways. Everyday can be such a struggle, but I choose to focus on the good & beautiful things/people in my life to ease my situations, I appreciate the things that others probably don't & others only wish for, like things that I already have. I put my #faith in the man up above and push forward 👊🏼💯🙏🏼#livelovelife #plantnerd #shanedoggspad #succulents #ilovesucculents #faithfamilyfirst

Jules (@coolsucculent)

I've noticed that this Echeveria Orion grows fast in 6 weeks. It's also one of the toughest succies in da house 💪Happy hump day! #kokedamasucculent #kokedamaaustralia #kokedama