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Rosie and Gerry Wilson, it's an honor working for you and your family. Such a lovely couple. #wilsoncreekwinery #winointraining #ilovewhereiwork

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What do you notice in this image. Are you able to put your whole attention on to the details?⠀

Now can you do that with the members of your team?⠀

Isn't this image from @glosso_aquarium divine

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This episode is full of gold. Would you like the inside scoop on the good, bad and the ugly of leadership, Natasha Hawker takes us there and more.Natasha is an expert in employment relations, recruitment, performance management, terminations and mediation. ⠀

Come and tune in to get in inside story and some great leadership tips to help you be an inspiring leader⠀

Link in the Bio⠀

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You can have hidden little bumps filled with sebum! Come to me and let me help you gain the flawless skin you have always wished for! *Side Note - I Seriously am obsessed with my job and the field I am in! I love @ibeautybythesea so much it has become a second home for me! I love when clients call me to tell me they see amazing results and are finally comfortable in there own skin! Becoming a Paramedical Esthetician was the best decision I have ever made! #iLoveWhatIDo #ILoveWhereIWork

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Lots of laughs, resets, and coffee. Happy tech for Emilie! Message me for details if you would like to come see the show. #emilie #emilielamarquiseduchateletdefendsherlifetonight #coeuragetheatre #coeuragetheatrecompany #stagemanager #ilovewhereiwork #techweek #greenwaycourttheatre

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How can you have more empathy for yourself while you are making your plans?⠀

Love this image from @cocoa_paper

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Team bonding ! In and Out and a game of Left Center Right at the park. So much fun!! . #ilovewhereiwork #mycoworkersareawesome

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Worked Classic Car Night in downtown Encinitas. Perfect evening for making the great connections I made. #ilovewhereiwork #realestate #psir #sothebysrealty #encinitassummers #catherinerealty #luxuryrealestate #dreamhomes

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The last part of this week's infographic. Check out my page to see the whole thing. ⠀

You can also check out my latest episode of the leadership edge to dive in to this concept a whole lot more. ⠀

Link in the bio.

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Skip the donuts....have BULLDOG deliver a few orders of tacos to work!! .. I don't know what rock you've been living under but #fortmcmurray
Has a new #ymmfoodtruck on the go... 🌮🌮🌮 VIVA LOS TACOS !! 🌮🌮🌮 They've really hit their stride with todays classic offering...wish I had seen the special of the day earlier!!! #vegetarian tacos on and they looked fresh AS! Check out their Facebook page.

When's the last time you had fresh Mexican tacos??? Vacation ain't for months 🌴😉😎🌴 #clinictacos #higherhealthclinic
#taco #foodtruck #authenticmexican #eatlocal #eatfresh #feedyourfriends #ilovewhereiwork #HHfamilia #RMT #futureDrTCM #foodie #bulldogdoesnotcarrycash #cashonly
#twostoporder #worthit #supportlocal

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Empathy is a wonderful bridge, it really can be they way to connect two very different points of view in a common way forward. ⠀

Want to dive into it some more? Check out my latest pod episode. Link's in the bio. ⠀

Love this image from @camilasilvaco

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Wyclef Jean performance on my floor at work today to welcome everyone to their new desks after this weekend's office move. You know, just another day at the YouTube NY office. 🤗 #whatismylife #ilovewhereiwork #justanotherwednesdayattheoffice #project365

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book writing today⠀

I am half way though. Looking to get my book into the world this Summer. ⠀

Working title - The Connection Effect - 3 steps to building a prosperous workplace culture.

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Because #day2 is all about notebook set up! We are eager and ready to start learning!
#teacherlife #teachersofinstagram #ilovewhereiwork #ilovemystudents

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Part two of the infographic that explores the reach of empathy in your organisation.⠀

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A full day of clients! Did I mention I love my office 😍😍😍😍👑👑👑👑🙏🙏🙏🙏 let's do this #monday #lightworker #lifeactivation #gratitude #ilovewhereiwork #beaconhill #boston