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Jaja es ist alles wieder in Ordnung...
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No matter who you are, teammate or opponent, I will always be there to help you.
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Shawnee Faye Hunter (@inspirational.healing)

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
There is a message in the medicine of forgiveness.
Enjoy the remedy fulfilled when perseverance is present.
True forgiveness on all levels.
To yourself.
To others.
To all.
For ALL.
So with confession, communication(on ether, or spiritual levels as well), and admittance, there is such power given to growing in love.
So today, I encourage to look deep within yourself and see what areas you need to ask for forgiveness in.
What areas of life do you need to admit to?
Where is there forgiveness arising?
Do feel the release when you see your mistake?
Do you feel the growth in your body?
Did you know that when you heal emotionally this helps raise your body's alkalinity and overall health to heal any disease?
Our body is made of mostly water. When we think powerful, uplifting thoughts and put the POWER of energy in motion (emotion behind the affirmation of the mind) we change the molecular form of the water to a higher frequency. This is based on Dr. Emoto's life service of scientific proof. Saying I am sorry, Please forgive me for your body helps heal disease as well. It truly all connects.
This is why I love what I do.
Reminding people of writing these simple, yet POTENT hints to keep us on track with rising in love. Rising doesn't mean going out of the body. It means allowing our spirit to come MORE into the body. AKA. Rising above the gunk that some(most) of us have been exposed to in our live's growing up.
We all grew up. We are still growing. It never ends, even after "death". There is no true death, just growth. With all of this..... Please, forgive me. I am sorry if I crossed you. I am sorry if I misunderstood you, or if I didn't listen to you fully. I am sorry. There have been SO many mistakes I have made, although like Miss Frizz says, "TAKE CHANCES, MAKE MISTAKES, and GET MESSY." But seriously, I am sorry on behalf of my ancestors who are not in the body right now. I am sorry on behalf of my immediate family. I am sorry on behalf of myself.
My prayer is that you truly forgive me.
Thank you.

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POTATO EGGPLANT SOUP cuz perhaps I "cooked" a bit too much last night to make more time for Sunday and that's the way it is, okay?

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os presento la única forma correcta de usar SNOW

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1. Nur wer sein Ziel kennt, findet den Weg.

2. Wer seine Ziele alle erreicht, hat sie zu niedrig gewählt.

3. Einfach machen.

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Przepraszam, że nie przyjechałem kiedy odeszłaś.


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Come un serial killer,
faccio pagare alle altre persone la colpa di non essere te. #imsorry 🖤