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Arte figurativo. Hecho en bronce por tener las propiedades adecuadas para resaltar detalles y texturas de la anatomía.
La idea es crear un diálogo entre el espectador y transformar el espacio público rompiendo con la cotidianidad.

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Hard work recognizes hard work, Just like real recognizes real. Learn to feel someone’s vibe, because if the vibe ain’t right you don’t want that person on your team.

A lot of people will never fully understand that in their lifetime,and that’s okay. On your journey to success you need to realize who is who, whose down to ride with you,and whose meant to go.


The journey to success is just like being in a elevator, sometimes you gotta stop and let some motherfuckers off.



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HLE THE BLUEPRINT PRESENTS : - Mans Not Hot, Never Hot, YOU DONE KNOW - "Creating a better version of yourself" with 19 years experience • Copyright ©️ All Rights Reserved • #HLE #love #gratitude #empathy #kindness #striving #motivation #motovationalmonday #ambition #coaches #success #picoftheday #power #weather #beautiful #city #travel #bodybuilding #inba #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #fitness #fattofit #wisdom #character #powerful #workout #food #Bikini #muscle

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#Wbw Always remember to take care of yourself. Take some time every week to do what makes YOU happy. Train yourself not only physically but mentally aswell and everything will flow fluidly 🙏🙌 #Meditation doesn't have to be sitting in a room in silence, you can do it anywhere! For me one of my favorites is a nice spot chucking the ball around with good friends 🤙🤙🏉🏉

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De caminata por el Centro Histórico de la #CDMX y no importa cuántas veces te topes con el @palaciooficial siempre siempre te enamorarás de nuevo 😍

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🦈🦈🦈🍩🍩🍩...something is brewing in the water... @doughbardoughnuts 😁


What is Jamie Lee's WHY??? "My determination and curiosity never lets me turn down a challenge or an opportunity for new experiences. I have so much appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve. I want to realize what my body is truly capable of! My passion for health and fitness and my job as a personal trainer, ultimately has led me to being a part of this journey into competition; to become stronger both mentally and physically!"
In addition to breathtaking hardware & prestigious Pro Cards we will also be offering our "People's Choice" Award for the loudest cheering section during the individual presentation round...so if you've yet to experience one of our events here's your opportunity to support Jamie Lee & be a part of the NATURAL REVOLUTION!!!

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Team Neutral Bay 🤘all about getting on the 10 Week Body Transformation