Emily Fox || Alicia Ayers (@east.west.living)

Guys this stuff rocks. It’s the first pre-made roll on I’ve bought from young living. Roll it on your temples after a little M-Grain and kiss headaches goodbye. Got TMJ like me? Roll this on morning and night and feel your muscle tension melt away. NSAID free. Worth it. .
If you’re interested DM us! Call us! We love to hear from you and would love EVEN MORE to have you on our team.
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AMY & CHRIS 🖤 DUNCAN (@livingduncan)

You wanted more than just inspo....okay you got. Right before I got in a bikini in Kauai I crushed this incredible pasta @grassapdx not once but....TWICE! I don’t eat pasta often. But when I do it happens in sequential days. 😆....and then I head to the beach 🏖️ . @elliebaygulov 🍳 - Chris got the spinach pasta and I got the 🔥 truffle oil simple. All I can say was this meal was the 💩. #livingduncan #homemadepasta #portlandfood

The Butter Bar Skincare 🌱 (@mybutterbarskincare)

Don't Underestimate Our Power 💪🏿💵 Spend with who has your best interest at heart. #PurposeOverProfit 📷Credit to @buyblackeconomics : Based on these numbers which industries should we target?
Nielsen Insights Reveal Black Dollars: The Sales Impact of Black Consumers

Shannon Lang (@shanlovesposh)

It’s been a long day of momming! Up before the crack of dawn, working out, laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, working, errands, dinner date and home once more! It’s time to wash it all away with my favorite bath Chunk, “Where you bean all my life.” .
This sustainably sourced palm oil Chunk Bath Bar cleanses, moisturizes, and gently exfoliates with cocoa seed butter, coffee beans, milk, and sugar, and is fragranced with a touch of coffee and cream, for skin that looks and feels refreshed. I love it and it’s on sale! 🙌🏻#linkinbio
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Dame Body Butters & Scrubs (@thedamesannae)

Sunflower oil may be the secret behind your #glow this Spring. Sunflower seed oil is packed with Vitamins A & E. The rich emollient (moisturizers) create a protective barrier over skin which shield against UV rays, repairs cellular damage, treat acne, traps moisture inside skin cells, keeping skin hydrated longer. .
Yup... all that

Vitamin A+ E also:
🌻Antioxidant support
🌻Decreases hyper-pigmentation
🌻Absorbs easily, so it doesn't clog pores
. .
🌻 Even snacking on Sunflower Seeds are great for a healthy glow. They are rich in copper, which is utilized by our body to produce #melanin . The minute particles of this protein pigment protect your skin from damage by ultraviolet radiation.
. .
#Sunflower Oil is a base carrier oil in our Custom Build Your Own Body Scrub Bar. I'm excited to see what botanical combinations Dames create at #craftcation18
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#flowerpower #plantbased Dame @wolfiecindy 📸: @leilajoy_

Aloha Apothecary (@alohaapothecary)

Another rainy day, another cozy night ~ @aimhi_everyday scrubs on deck (and on sale) #beautyandaloha

Chunk-N-Chip (@chunknchip)

One of our founder’s favorites - Passion Fruit ice cream topped with smoked tajin mango sauce and roasted cacao nibs. This combo is irresistibly tangy and sweet with a touch of bitter, chocolaty flavor 🤤
PC: @serranoimage

Sophia (@runnernomz)

Looking for a way to switch up your pasta game?? This avocado-hemp seed pesto is a game changer!! It’s fillled with healthy omega 3s and is a great way to get your greens in as well! It’s also dairy free!! ———————————————————————
- 1 large bunch of basil (or use carrot tops/other greens like me if you didn’t have any 😂) - 2 avocados
- 6 T hemp seed
- 2 T pine nuts (or walnuts)
- 3-5 cloves of garlic (depending on preference)
- juice from 1 lemon
- 1/4 c. EVOO or oil of choice
- fresh salt and pepper
- 1 T of dried basil if you didn’t have fresh
Directions: Combine all ingredients in a food processor until well blended (photo 2). Serve with spiralized veggies (photo 3), pasta, chicken, or even eat with raw veggies as a snack. Enjoy!

Kelsey Brynn (@kbrynnmakeup)

LOVING this illuminator by @elatecosmetics!! (And everything else I’m wearing!) #loveelate
See! No compromise when you switch to #cleanbeauty!! 💋🌱

Beauty-Heroes.com (@beautyheroes)

Since launching our first wellness discovery with @animamundiherbals in January, we have added a few more of their whole plant supplements to our wellness department.
Unroasted, organically grown Green 💚 Coffee Bean from Costa Rica, a known energizer and metabolism booster.
Organic, mineral-rich Moringa grown in Costa Rica or Jamaica, studied to help lower blood pressure, energize without sugar or stimulants and support healthy sleep.
Organic heirloom 💛 Turmeric, an ancient strain from Costa Rica of this whole food nutrient loved for its inflammation reducing abilities and high level of antioxidants.
Cold's Cocktail, an immunity support blend containing organic and wild-crafted Echinacea Purpurea, Echinacea Augustufolia, Avenca , Ginger, Turmeric, Coldpressed Garlic, Boldo,  Lemon 🍋Peel, Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne 🌶️
What are you loving in your at-home apothecary?

Allie W (@scratchkitchenaz)

I feel like a Dry Aged @patlafrieda Bacon Cheddar Burger for dinner. With some caramelized onions and tomatoes...which maybe I’ll slow roast first?! How ‘bout you?! #cantwaitfordinner #burgernight #savory #yummy #delicious #ingredientsmatter

TheGreenVanity (@the.green.vanity)

Curious? Pop in for a FREE SAMPLE**
This product can't be summed up in an Insta post. @clean.beauty.nikki wants to tell you all about it.
**free sample with consult (yes... the consult is complimentary too 😍😍)
Antidote 02 Vitality @corpafloracanada

Can be used by sensitive skins which can’t tolerate retinoïds. Supports  collagen and elastin synthesis. Improves skin tone and texture. Helps to reduce the look of dark spots and discoloration. Minimize the appearance of pore size. Leaves skin with a vibrant and healthy complexionIdeal for most skin types exhibiting signs of photo-damage.

Jo | Things My Kids Wont Eat (@things.my.kids.wont.eat)

I prepped tacos for dinner tonight while watching Coco with tears streaming down my face. It’s so good! Go watch it but not while using sharp knives. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed cramming these tacos into my mouth 🤤 🌮 The kids loved dinner too and finished theirs without argument. Morgan puts chicken, avocado and feta on her taco while Owen puts chicken, shredded cheddar, and avocado on his. Mine has chicken, cabbage-carrot slaw, jalapeños, avocado, feta, and lime juice.

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Natural Vegan Beauty Products🍃 (@atharapure)

Don’t miss our spring sale! Get these all natural, vegan beauties before we sell out! Our Neem Healing Oil has been the top seller this month! It is the perfect, balanced blend of plant extracts, antioxidants and essential oils that leave skin nourished and hydrated without clogging pores. #atharapure #neemoil #bestmoisturizer

Erin 🌻🌷 (@erinslifestyleobsessions)

I realize cereal isn’t a good way to start our day, but cereal is a delicious snack. I love this cereal and I love that it is certified non glyphosate (far right label on the bottom). #Monsanto round up weed killer (glyphosate) has been found in cereals like Cheerios and other food too. I want to avoid herbicides and pesticides anyway I can, so that is why I choose to only buy organic.

Evidence is piling up showing the hazards of glyphosate on human health, farmers are ramping up their usage of the chemical due to the proliferation of resistant weeds, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently raised the allowable levels of glyphosate in food by significant amounts.

I’ve been seeing so many workers wearing hazmat suits and spraying weed killer around parks and neighborhoods, it stains everything in it’s path green, and it makes me sick.
If you have weeds, use a mixture of vinegar, epsom salts, and dish soap and spray them or pay your kids allowance to pull them. Also, did you you know that dandelions are the first flower of spring that feed bees? Dandelions have other health benefits too, but that’s for a different post.

Real World NZ (@realworldnz)

#realworldnzingredients ~ The things you need to know about switching to a natural shampoo. Get educated when it comes to your natural hair regime more on the journal www.realworldnz.com/real-living #geteducated #ingredientsmatter #realworldnz

Jake's Prime (@jakes_prime)

HELLO JERSEY SHORE! Jake's Prime is now available for in-store purchase at Lenny's Colonial Ranch Market in Point Pleasant, NJ. Lenny’s Colonial Ranch Market offers local produce, creamy house made mozzarella, an amazing deli with fresh salads and soup, homemade pies, and of course their meat counter filled with steaks, loins, roasts, chops, cutlets, poultry and sausage. Looking to stock up on quality meats? Lenny’s offers Freezer Pak selections as well, allowing you to choose from a wide assortment of quality and money saving meat packs. We are so proud to be a part of Lenny's Market!