Lord Inquisitor Tytos Novgorod, with terminator armour, incinerator and null sword

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Since we reached the number that compose a chapter I decided to go for a personal lore report on the chapter I created long ago. Remember if you want me to tag you on lore story posts of 40k just leave a comment. This is just a prelude, I'll give additional info on the story If this gets enough engagement

Chapter name: The chimeras (sometimes referred to as The Chimera). Genetic background: comes from 2 genetic codes, the primarchs Iber Gond and Alter. These are the forgotten primarchs.
Specialty: elite chapter. Specialized on every kind of combat form. Overall skills superior to other chapters. However they usually prefer close combat.
Chapter master: Supreme Lord August
Other heroes: the white killer

Planet: no data

Number of units: 571

Additional info from the chapter origins:
Recent young chapter. Were supposed to be eliminated by inquisition orders, but where ultimately spared by order of Roboute Guilliman.
They were created in an experiment to try to replicate the special ability of Alter. However when this experiment was discovered by the inquisition (the chapter had already been functioning for 27 years) it was declared heretic and ready to purification through death.

The former chapter master (who was said to be an exceptional being, comparable to the ancient Alter) discovered the inquisition orders and brought half of the chapter to declare war against the imperium and tried to kill the inquisitors present in the planet at the time. His second in command confronted him, resulting in a bloody battle between the chimera astartes.

Not long after that the space wolves, ultramarines, and blood angels arrived. They were supposed to eliminate the chimeras, but instead helped the half part of the chapter that had decided to protect the inquisitors. Roboute Guilliman had heard of everything and had revoked the inquisition orders. This ended with the rebellious half fleeing into the warp and the loyals were spared and were given an honor position in the empire.

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Some great albums with the biggest 💀on cover. Some other ideas of metal albums with skull-head cover art?

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www.deutsche-römerin.de Danke für Eure zahlreiche #Teilnahme gestern bei meiner #Umfrage ❤️❤️❤️Das Ergebnis: Platz 1 teilen sich die #Foodtour und die #Geheimnisse des #Vatikans, kurz darauf gefolgt von der #Hexen und #Inquisition Tour. Hier bin ich bei der #Verkostung eines leckeren #Trapizzino in Stadtviertel #Testaccio. Es nimmt also alles Formen an😀🍷🌮Habt alle ein schönes und nicht zu stürmisches #Wochenende 😘😘😘. wanderlust #rom #rome #friends #Touren #food #wein #wine malwasanders #Stadtteil #Italien #geniessen #Januar #Touren #deutsch #deutscherömerin #Qualität #Sachsen #2018 #Ziel #reisen #Stadtbummel


Acolytes - The Pardoner
Over the centuries Inquisitor Lisowski’s retinue has grown and shrank as various servants of the emperor are drawn to his banner only to inevitably fall on the field of battle. One of the more recent additions is the ‘The Pardoner’. As the acting executioner of Lisowski’s war party the mute Pardoner dispenses justice upon those judged beyond redemption by the Inquisitor, a role he appears to take neither pleasure nor pain in; although how one could infer any emotion from a man clad head to toe in armour and a mask is anyone’s guess.  The anonymity of his attire is no mishap of chance however, and the covering of his flesh is a necessity to preserve his true profession – Lisowski’s sin eater.

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Here we are in this room
A room that’ll act like our safeguard
Because tonight is the night you undress me.
I’m wearing a lacy red corset.
Red symbolizes our fire
Our dangerous passion
That could only be tamed by our teasing desires for sexual pleasure.
I wore this corset to show you my curves.
I want to show you how voluptuous I can be;
Until you see the naked truth.
Underneath this corset are bruises,
Bruises inflicted from men I’ve trusted.
It coats my chocolate skin like an indigo sweater.
Do you like it?
Along that is my legs,
Covered in this opaque black fishnet
To hide the pain on my thighs.
What you see is flesh poking from the garment
Telling you to come ravage me;
Come take me in your arms
As your snake-like tongue curls around my earlobe.
Lay me down on our mattress
With the freshest of roses picked from the garden
And their petals scattered on our silk bedspread.
Do I tempt you?
Does this femme fatale persona show you who I want to be?
Or, are you still blinded by my curvature?
Do my hips trick you?
Or, is it my snow grey irises and transparent pupils that inveigle you?
I have been waiting for this.
Maybe I’m different for you,
You spent your life around women
What makes my infatuation and past disdain towards you incompatible with the other girls?
You once asked if I liked it rough
I never gave you an answer
But tonight, I only want one thing
For you to go a little slower
And a lot harder.


I love taking shots of Drala'fa but my PC runs Inquisition like shit unless I drop everything down to medium quality and then everything looks awful..even though I can run other games maxed out just fine. It's very frustrating. I plan on playing it tonight but we'll see how it goes...
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I'm in the middle of exam season, exceedingly stressed and mental illness off the charts, and money troubles due to a student loan mess up BUT once I get through this, I can't wait to return to crafting and creating, and until then here's a throwback to one of the cosplays that actually makes me feel good ⠀

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Acolytes - The Hermit
The longest serving of Lisowski's acolytes, the Hermit is the defacto right hand of the Inquisitor and oversees many of the day to day operations of the war party.

Clad in armour of boiled leather and plate over a faded hooded tunic he is neither a memorable or imposing figure at court, a fact that no doubt gave rise to his imposed moniker. However, on the battlefield his whispered voice is transformed into the bellowing scream of a zealot. With eyes of burning hatred he engages the enemies of man at every possible opportunity; forgoing ranged weapons in favour of taking them in hand to hand combat where no quarter is given or asked.

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sketches ive done this past week
(ノ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ*:・゚✧ -
i have been drawing more lately and im kinda getting a lil bit more of a style developing so thats 10/10
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