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WOE IS ME. For the first time since I’ve been employed I’m having a staycation longer than four days. My initial and most other people’s response when I say I’m spending annual leave at home is ‘how terrible’
Why am I doing this to myself?Because saving for a deposit, house, grown up stuff etc. So I spent the beginning of last week setting myself objectives. If I’m not going on holiday then I will spend this time getting said house (or more realistically 600sq ft 😂)
Now, a week later I want to slap and shake my pathetic self.
1. I set and meet objectives, day in and day out at work. Give it a rest will you.
2. It’s unfortunate you’re not on a beach but do us a favour and reframe it for a sec: yes, I, like most, would prefer to be sunning myself and gorging on foreign food, but having two weeks off to yourself is a bloody luxury. I live in an incredible city, I get to wake up each day and choose what I want to do, spend time with the people I really like and love, lift weights and make my favourite foods 🤷🏼‍♀️ -
The reality is blowing a couple of grand on a holiday probably wouldn’t have made an impact to the bigger picture. What’s that the grand scheme of a mortgage 🤣 ? BUT it may have made things a little tighter and stressful at the other end -
The same can be applied to fat loss (not the first time I’ve compared this to saving money) which is essentially having to make a number of sacrifices to achieve a goal. To be successful, you will most likely have to sacrifice eating as much of the foods you indulge on and sacrifice time in front of the TV or in the pub for training. Making smaller sacrifices over a sustained period is preferable than having to make huge sacrifices in a short space of time (crash dieting)
At the time of sacrificing e.g. saying no to cake or in my case, the holiday it helps to be reminded of the bigger picture - the end goal. It maybe feeling leaner, healthier, stronger, a sense of achievement for sticking to the plan. Whatever it is, I guarantee that positive feeling will outweigh that minor sacrifice.
And sometimes we just need to take our #firstworldproblems and just 🤐

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This bombshell is turning 33 today and stil look gorgeous 💕💫💋 #izabelgoulart @izabelgoulart

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Lo bueno que tiene escaparse el finde al pueblo,además de comer y descansar.... es poder usar sueters gorditos...(aquí todavia aún nos queda😅)
Y quién dice usar...dice estrenar! Os lo enseño mejor en el Blog!
Y ahora a continuar con la tarde!😘😘

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bestselger victorian duftlys sweet orchid er tilbake i hyllene 💕

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