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It's going down!! Link in bio.

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Those who are believed to be most abject and humble are usually most ambitious and envious.

E l i z a b e t h 🇲🇽💋 (

"Don't test the agility
Silly, silly, thinking that the negativity you talking could ever fuck up the tranquility." A little bit of what I did today. #legday🍑 #squatjumps #lungejumps #justdoit #instafitness #fitmom #nopainnogain💪 #motivation #discipline💯#conlonjasperobienchingona

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Morning kick start thought 2: Be careful who you trust. #trust #selfawareness

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#riseandgrind Happy #thursday Y'all! Let's get on up, put in WORK, and go forth with a positive heart & mind! It's IK to be AWESOME! 💪💥😎

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Feeling very tired this morning! I have slept to long! But a cup of coffee and some pre workout with sort the problem 😂 every time I'm feeling tired or cannot be bothered to train I always have the best sessions! So make sure you push through it guys. The biggest battle any of us can face is with ourselves! Get up and get shit done!!!! Happy Thursday people have a good blessed day 😊😊