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Next month @itvthechase’s @paulsinhaha is hosting the #LondonSportingClub's inaugural #QuizNight @JumeirahCT:

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然 後,人 生 最 怕 其 中 一 件 事,係 打 針。今 次 被 抬 去 醫 院 一 連 打 咗 兩 支 針,一 支 打 pat pat 止 胃 痛,一 支 係 抽 血 檢 查,"Oh my gosh shit shit shit" 出 曬 口,come beat me. — oniondominic, Manifestors, already give up in their childhood after being punished over and over again by parents, teachers and others. They give up their manifesting powers and concentrate on going through life, just getting by. They may feel ignored, angry, or like they've been run over by a truck, in Hong Kong.

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