Neeraj Kumar (@thatsneeraj)

That place had a hill too ! 🏔️🏜️

Andreas (@andreaswho)

• Home sweet home 🇨🇭

Whitman Mclallen (@whitmanmclallen)

A day of cabin hunting, almost getting lost, and terrible dancing


"There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge: observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects the facts, reflection combines them, and experimentation verifies the result of that combination." ~ Denis Diderot
What will you observe, reflect, and experiment with today?

Ritual Remains Jewelry (@ritualremains)

The Great Bear pendant is finally finished! This piece features a brass bear underneath the Great Bear (Ursa Major, Big Dipper) constellation. The pendant is entirely silver except for the bear and the matching brass stars. The pendant makes me think of a winter scene and a bear on its way to rest until spring. The pendant is ✨available✨with your choice of chain length. DM to claim or inquire 🌲Helen🌲