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A strange scene I noticed alongside the train tracks. Kind of reminded me of the Philip-Glass-composed, '90s Horror: Candyman (which I just rewatched the night prior).


Just a few of my favorite ladies. 💕

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Ann Arbor, MI👉🏻
📚My Blue Water series is featured in Issue 1 @subjectivelyobjective's new Monthly Monograph Magazine. Head to their shop pick up one of 50 numbered copies. Link in Bio.

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1943-While on vacation with his family, Dr. Edwin Land's 3-year-old daughter asks why she can't see the picture he has just taken of her. That day, Land conceives of the instant camera.
1947-Edwin H. Land announces his invention of the instant-picture process, the first one-step dry process for producing finished photographs within one minute after taking the picture.
Chris fell in love with Dr. Lands passion for photography and when he came across this 1967 Polaroid 240 at a @goodwillintl and is by far his favorite camera, sadly over a year ago @fujifilmglobal discontinued production of the film and it’s becoming harder and more expensive to purchase 😕
While at @descendonbend this year Chris displayed and sold his photography for the first time in his life, the support and love was amazing! If you see us around and would like an instant print before they disappear FOREVER they are only $10 😃 the cost to us is $5 per photo and the profits we make go directly into purchasing more film to help document our new families journeys in our van!

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A day with sprinkles is a good day.


People of Denton: Lora
This was taken on the final day of #polacon2017 after we received our awesome prize pack.

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Incredibly lucky to have a fiancé who cares about me so much. He bought me my very own #lomography #instantcamera and I am so in love with it! Especially the photos! Thank you to my wonderful partner in crime @dames_mayo love you!!! 💕 #earlybirthdaypresent #ikigai

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Polaroid Week day 4, photo 2
#PolaroidWeek #RoidWeek

Claudio Gomboli (@clagom)

Polaroid Week day 4, photo 1
#PolaroidWeek #RoidWeek