katy🖤 (@katyszat)

6 whole months ago today @yuwenmemon and I brought the laziest golden retriever to her forever home!! 🖤🐶🐶🖤 #adoptdontshop #instapup #napqueen

Hobbes (@hobbes_the_golden)

"You can take a tiger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the (puppy)" - Hobbes, June 11, 1989

Kona (@konatheprincess)

Totally not hoping crumbs of food come down. Yeah right. 🙄Kona here can be asleep under the bed (she struggles to get under the bed but she's stubborn and has to be under the bed) and I'll open the fridge to grab food. As soon as I turn around, there she is at the bottom of the stairs staring right at me. Cooking, she tries to lay down on my feet to try and keep me from moving. You can count on her keeping you company in the kitchen. 👌😂

Jenny Millichip (@healthy_milli)

Someone is not enjoying this rain. I'll be honest. I'm not a big fan either. Poor Sooty.

W A L T E R 🐶 (@worldofwalter_)

Hey pups! Any other pups out there that can't get enough of cool rope toys?!

Valle (@vallethecockerpoo)

Smile! It confuses people 😁