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#Love finds the way | No matter the obstacles and challenges, no matter how impossible it may seem, Love will find the way to move forward. If you're feeling stuck in your job, your project, your dream, or a relationship, perhaps it's time to let Love have the bigger say and guide the way... 🌞🙌 - Iso K.

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I finished reading #thegirlonthetrain,few days ago,I liked the book! though I felt the first few chapters were a bit monotonous..but besides that ,the novel keeps you gripped the more you readfurther..the mystery unfolds with an unexpected twist revealing the culprit which you had not even imagined of!!!I loved it!!will start with the other one,#intothewater# soon after durga pujo ends as will have to give quite a time for the book..but as of now will start with some lighter mystery with some of my favourite childhood thrilling books!!I still have these many to finish🤗🤗HAPPY DURGA PUJO🤗❤️❤️ #readinghabits#readinglove#novels#nancydrew#famousfive#enidblyton#carolynkeene#readingnow#Nancydrew#currentlyreading#ig_calcutta#crosswordbookstore#crosswordbooks#bookshopping#booklover#novelreader#readinghabits#ig_reader#instareads#booknerd#bookstagram#instapic#ig_instagram#instaclick#instaupload#readinghabit'son#readingnovel#currentread

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I have teamed up with some great bookstagrammers @kourtneysbookshelf @suspensethrill @wherethereadergrows & @mel_constantreader for a fun giveaway. A $25 Amazon gift card & TEN SIGNED COPIES are up for grabs.
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Moving day 🏡 not quite NW, but still... north of the Thames! And the foam heart in my morning coffee sending good vibes 😍🤞🎉 finished NW, any recommendations for next read?

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Happy #MapMonday!
I'm over halfway through Hunting Prince Dracula and I love it so much! I loved Stalking Jack the Ripper, but so far I think Hunting Prince Dracula is better! I'm hoping to finish it today so I can finally get started on Crooked Kingdom.
These gorgeous Audrey Rose and Thomas candles are from @flickeringtales and you can use my code FEAR10 to get your own.
While I'm on the subject of Flickering Tales, can I just say how proud I am of my insta-bestie Rachael and how much she's grown her business! She's grown it so much, improved upon her idea, and now she's in the October @litjoycrate!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Job Rachael!
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NEW! Thomas from @scnjournal has just dropped some copies of issue 1 in our store! 📽️🎞️ SCENES is a new biannual journal publishing #screenplays and #photography. Each issue includes an interview with a screenwriter, original and classical #scripts, and film essays.
Get it now in-store and online at 👉
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#Repost @from_my_shelves (@get_repost)
Recently, I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of Toni Morrison's 'Beloved' from @foliosociety - thank you! It's a beautifully produced book, illustrated by Joe Morse (@eyedropdaily), and one I can't wait to read.
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Available at

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Last night, I had one of the best reading experiences with THE LAST MRS. PARRISH by @livconstantine2 courtesy of @harpercollinsus. This read was psychologically dark, dangerously obsessive, and exactly what I'd hoped it would be and more. Check out my full review on the blog. This title is released on October 17th, so don't forget to check it out. Perfect psychological thriller for fall! 📚😱🍂
My casting choices would be:
Chloe Bennet as Amber Patterson
Kate Hudson as Daphne Parrish
Ben Affleck as Jackson Parrish

Diana (@idyllicartemis)

📚📚📚 .

Still have not continued this one yet. 😅 There are missing pages in the book, but I can't return it anymore because it's been with me for months already. 😆 Though I've seen many good reviews on this one, the missing pages kinda made me hesitate in continuing it. 😅

Charlie Edwards-Freshwater (@thebookboy)

White books 🌼🐰 This photo marks the end of my colour series (I was going to do grey but I have hardly any grey books!) I love how white books cover almost any genre, just look at the huge range from classics to fantasy to contemporary to plays😊

Do you see any favourites this time?

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Hello everyone! Today I am doing the #meetthebookstagrammer tag, which the lovely @carleeofbooks has tagged me to do! Thank you for the tag!
•First book you read: I feel like this is something I should remember, but I don't. I want to say it was Go, Dog. Go! 😁
•Favorite book genre: Anything YA!
•How long have you been a reader: Always. Even before I knew how to read, I would look at picture books or have others help me read. 😊
•Which do you prefer while you read, music or coffee: Neither. I prefer silence and tea. •Favorite book: Oh this is hard.. Passenger, Six of Crows, the entire Raven Cycle... I can never pick just one. 😂
•Flowers or chocolate: Both! 😁

I feel as though the questions of this tag were random, but that is what made it fun to do! I hope you all enjoy the tag, and if you would like to do it, I tag you! Let me know if you participate so that I can see your answers! I'm interested to see if anyone remembers the first book they read. 😊

Lauren 🍂 U.K. (@aseriesofunreadbooks)

Good morning, lovelies. I have yet to actually start reading exit west even though I've been carrying it around with me for the last two days. Instead I've been researching MA courses even though when I graduated university I was certain that I was finished with education. It's probably just a passing interest. I don't think I could go back to the eternal stress that is law school.

Chantelle | 21 | UK (@cosyfoxreads)

This is one of the books I picked up Friday after work to cheer me up, and I'm super excited to give it a read soon! 📖 Me and my boyfriend watched the film a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it so thought I'd better read the book! 💕
📖 Do you prefer to read a book before or after watching the film? Personally if the film is already out, I tend to watch it first and then read the book 😅📚
I'm off work today as I'm feeling super ill so I'm just slowly making progress with The Handmaid's Tale 📚 Really hoping that the special immune support green tea I've got gets me out of this fuzziness 😴
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Good morning lovelies from my side of the world!! Have a great week y'all! Any fun plans for this week? .

I can't believe it's the last week of September. Time literally flew this month 😱 This is my last week before my new semester starts and my practical in kindergarten as well! .

What are you currently reading? @anniewoodsauthor was kind enough to send me her debut book "First Came Forever", which is my current read and I'm truly enjoying it so far! I love this kind of stories with royal romance and especially when this is based on a real one!! 😄 I'm definitely looking forward to delving deeper into the story! Thank you so much for sending over this copy for me ❤️ .

QOTD: Which is your favorite royal? ➡️ I used to have a huge crush on Prince William when I was little. Now that he's taken, I can still hope on Prince Harry 😂😂 .
I decided to create a new tag, hope you'll do it as well! Feel free to go for it even if I didn't tag you 😄 The tag's name is #bookishroyaltytag , it's based on the British royal members, but I definitely mean no offence. It's just for fun ❤️ .
. 👑 Queen Elizabeth (an old book that you still treasure): Harry Potter series (always and forever)
👑 King George (a popular book that you don't feel like reading): Caraval 🙈
👑 Prince Charles (a book that everyone loved but you): Paper Princess series by Erin Watt 👑 Princess Diana (a book you bought because of bookstagram): ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas 👑 Prince William (a book you bought because of the cover): The Problem with Forever by Jennifer Armentrout 👑 Prince Harry (a book that took you up for a wild ride): Indebted series by Pepper Winters 👑 Duchess Kate (latest book purchase): This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas and Sins and Needles by Karina Halle

Miss Bookington Books Lover (@missbookington)

Ops! Una sfortunata e cieca talpa si ritrova improvvisamente qualcosa di molliccio e puzzolente in testa. Cosa sarà mai?! Ma è cacca! Qualcuno l'ha fatta in testa alla talpa. Ma chi?
Inizia così l'avventura della nostra malcapitata talpa alla ricerca del colpevole di questo nauseante reato.
Preparatevi a vederne e sentirne di tutti i colori e odori!
"Chi me l'ha fatta in testa?" Di Werner Holzwarth e Wolf Erlbruch. Salani Editore, 2017. • Per leggere il post, link in bio •
#missbookington #salanieditore #chimelhafattaintesta

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Belki de uzun ve huzursuz bir gecenin sabahına uyanmışsın; gözlerin mahmur, bedenin donuk, hissiz bir ruh hali var varlığında…

Az sonra yüzüne su çarpacak, aynaya bakacak yüzünü kirli beyaz havluna gömeceksin.

Hayat kendisini olmadığı kadar uzak yaşatacak…

Ben yokum ama bir başkası da olmayacak…

Sen, benim düşlediğim sen değilsin… Değişmişsin; belki de her zaman böyleydin, ben ulaşamamışım.

Niçin? Ne yapıyorsun şimdi?

Yapamadıklarımız oluyor mu? Yaptıkların da… Reçeli bir dilim ekmeğe sürerken bıçağı yine mi ters tutuyorsun?

Yaşadığın bensizlik; yetiyor mu yalnızlığına?

Ama boş ver, tüketiyoruz nasıl olsa iki hayatı, sen oradan ben buradan; ikimizden bir hayat çıkaramadığımızdan…

Biliyor musun, artık seni düşünmeden de yapabiliyorum. Zor oldu… ama insanım işte, zamanla her şeye alışabilme özelliğim var.
Ahmet Karacan "Liman Şehrinin Uzun Hikayesi"

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