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I am your b*tch, that of the sad face. Red lips, ocean eyes and the heart in the cheekbone. ✨🌹🌊 #antofagasta #chilegram #instalike #instagood #bella #me #instaworld #hashtag #small #beautiful #latina #grunge #love #queer #picoftheday #l4l #f4f

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Bringing back my page @thecompassdiaries_ as I'm entering the final months of writing/editing my book! I've begun to lean towards a self-publishing route which means all the marketing and promoting will fall into my hands. It's going to be difficult to reach the amount of exposure I'd like for my story but I'm forever thankful to have the opportunity and Los Angeles be the city it happens in. Publishing with a traditional publisher without any prior published work is extremely difficult without investing thousands of dollars in editors and agents. It is also a lengthy process and I don't want to wait years to share this with you. I'll have been working on this project for nearly 2 years by the time it is released. Thank you to everyone who is supportive!

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The simple life 👌🏻.
BBQ in the Sun at an old Mountain Hut 8000ft up.
#TakeItEasy #WinterBaby

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still on the hunt for a publisher! might have to self publish, my goal is to have this baby out before my 20th birthday 📚