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Back on that anti-inflammatory food life. One too many flare ups this month has caused me to pause and look at my diet, once again. 2017 saw me going completely gluten free🍞, vegan (for about a month), and then vegetarian to pescatarian. What I've discovered about my body during these food transitions, is how freaking sensitive my body is to food. The smallest thing could set me up for tension headaches, muscle spasms and aches, indigestion, inflammation, poor sleep, hightened anxiety and depression, just to name a few. I've realized that intuitive eating is more helpful to me than following a strict diet. I listen to my body and give it what it needs. If I feel bad, I back track, figure out what caused it, omit it from my diet for a few weeks, reintroduce it for a couple days, and check back in with my body. So far it's been pretty straight forward and simple.🍞 Grains: oats and Wheat bother me but I can eat sour dough bread (It's fermented ayo!). 🧀🐄Dairy: yogurt, aged cheddar, and parmesean cheese are the only dairy products I am okay with, but I have to really careful as I'm lactose intolerant and it's a major trigger for me. 🍅 Tomatoes are a no go (acid reflux and cramping trigger). 🌱Onions and garlic are two that I'm figuring out right now. Sometimes it seems to be okay and other times not so good. 🍗Meat: 🍣seafood is fine. I went off meat completely last summer due to antibiotics killing all my gut bacteria and making it impossible to consume meat without being sick. 🐷🐄🐔I haven't ventured back to poultry or red meat since. 🐣🍳Eggs: fine. Thank goodness.
Listen to your body. It will tell you exactly what it needs you to know. .
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Introducing SpectrumNeeds™️, a nutritional supplement containing 33 vitamins and minerals to optimize the nutritional status of children with autism spectrum disorder (including ADD/ADHD) #nutrition #autism #spectrumneeds #spectrum #naturopathicmedicine #naturopath #integrativemedicine #functionalmedicine #asd #add #adhd #mitochondrialdisease #mito #autismmom #methylation #antioxidants

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Share Essential Oils with a friend ❤️today! Post you’re favorite oil below. 💦🌿

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Happy Family Day from our Health Squad families to yours. So many reasons to pursue health 💙 #familyday

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#24weeks into this journey of creating life has me pensive about the other end of the spectrum...of loss and death. I am non-judgmentally curious and interested in the sudden re-emergent "visit" of these deeply rooted fears of mine at this very poignant time of creation. The connectedness of life and death and the inextricable balance that mirrors the daily rotations of sun and moon come to mind in that feeling into one side in a deep and intimate manner makes us equally keenly and deeply aware of the other. They are sacredly tied, for the very essence of each one helps define the other. Thus, experiencing the intensity of creating life is manifesting an equally intense re-acquaintance with my fear of death...or of losing those close to me more accurately. But I have come to learn that this is the dance of life; That life is made beautiful in part by its shadow side. I have learned to let my fear signal the need to intensely focus on every moment of what is now. The other side will come, as it always does, in successive waves of life, which means the presence of life force, now, should be felt in its full expression with every ounce of my attention. For there is no room in what is now but to acknowledge and honor the shadow of my fear visitors and allow them to go on their way, knowing full well we will meet in earnest, somewhere down the trail another day. 🙏🏼#mindfultrails #woundedhealer #highdeserthealer #earthmedicinewisdom

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Smokey, the sweet pup living at our airbnb down in Mexico. 😊❤️

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“Whenever Beauty looks,
Love is also there;
Whenever beauty shows a rosy cheek
Love lights Her fire from that flame.
When beauty dwells in the dark folds of night
Love comes and finds a heart
entangled in tresses.
Beauty and Love are as body and soul.
Beauty is the mine, Love is the diamond.

They have together
since the beginning of time-
Side by side, step by step.”

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The time of the month that we dread, joke about, and can’t seem to escape.
that PMS symptoms are NOT normal?
I know- not something we EVER get told.

But these symptoms are often just signals for us to support our bodies during this phase before our period starts.

I want to shed some light on ways we can support our bodies this week. •
So before we dive into some of these symptoms this week I want to hear from you: what symptoms have you struggled with the most? What do you want to learn about?

Excited to talk about these this week!

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Happy Family Day from our Health Squad families to yours. So many reasons to pursue health 💙 #familyday

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Thank goodness for audiobooks! I live in LA and just the stress of knowing the kind of traffic I am going to face is enough to drain your energy before the day even begins. Anyone else feel my pain? Clearly my phone does! 🤣

By the way, this book is absolutely fascinating! I have read it and am now listening to it. Our beliefs do effect the way our genes are expressed. We are energy. And the energy we create, hold and express does have a tremendous impact on our health. In my life at the moment, I am working on not getting stuck on the little things and not sticking in my corner. Listening to this book reminds me that when I do that, I am poisoning my being. Photo cred: @sarahskyann

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Guys! You’ve got to try adding black beans to your recovery or meal replacement smoothies!!! I am amazed. It’s been the best idea I’ve had all week😂 Just worked out for 2h and had the Black & Blue Zenberry Smoothie described in Sunday’s Instagram post and it is sooo satisfying as my #recovery #shake / dinner #replacement-meal. I have not had food for 4h prior to my workouts (Lunch was at 1PM). This smoothie has got all the amino acids, carbohydrates and healthy fats we need. Black beans don’t taste much so they’ll take the taste of whatever else is in your #smoothie. I use 1/2 a cup of organic black beans.
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☼ BREAKFAST ☼ ... So I made it to @speedoscafe in Bondi and actually found a park 💃🏻 (how good are late weekday starts!)✨ Veggie breaky, matcha waffles and chai tea 🍵
~ Hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday 💫✨

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Since February is the month of LOVE I want to give back because of all the amazing support I received last week with sharing my story (if you haven’t read, go check it out).⠀
I’m giving away a samples of:⠀
✅SPM: (great for AI patients w/ inflammation processes out of control)⠀
To enter into the week long giveaway (you can have multiple opportunities to enter):⠀
1. Follow me @dr.laceychittle ✨
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3. Tag 2 friends in the comments who’ve dealt with their own autoimmune struggle in separate comments 🤗
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Throughout the rest of the week there will be other ways you can enter your name into the drawing. More entries = more chances you have to win.⠀
The winner will be contacted on Friday!⠀