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Hey curlfriends! How do you dress up your waves, curls, and coils? Do you run into any problems when jazzing up your natural crown? 🌊👑➰ Personally, this gorgeous amethyst headband by @gemsandbonesjewelry remains one of my absolute favorite possessions. I can't wear it as often as I'd like, though, because with the pain from fibromyalgia, I a) need to stretch and move a lot, often causing the headband to slide out of place on my head (if not straight off,) and b) sometimes my whole body is so sensitized from the pain, the way the metal base of the headband digs into my scalp makes my head hurt so much I can't even wear the headband. This makes me sad, bc it's so beautiful! 🌊👑➰ I reached out to @gemsandbonesjewelry tonight, though to see if there might be a way to rework the stones on a soft, stretchy cloth base (see 4th and 5th pics for reference). I have and wear a few similarly constructed headbands, and don't run into the same health condition problems with those. (And all of this is before you even take into consideration the unique factors that influence the adornment of textured, v. straight hair 😬😱). Fingers crossed, she'll be able to help! 🌊👑➰ #naturalhair #texturedhair #embracenaturalhair #naturallywavy #naturallycurly #type2hair #type3hair #type4hair #hairaccessories #hairjewelry #crystalcrowns #crystalheadband #spoonielife #disability #invisibledisability #chronicpain #fibromyalgia

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I aspire to be a giver of love a giver of good vibes and strength. Positive energy can heal the world and the spirit and I know about healing. March is brain injury awareness month. For all my fellow survivors your so strong so prove them wrong. You can do anything sometimes we just have to take the scenic route and that's okay! Please remember that many of us suffer from long after affects mentally and physically. 5.3 million people in the US alone live with the affects of a TBI. It's an invisible disability but should never be treated as such. Life is tough but I'm tougher!#braininjuryawareness #tbi #tbiwarrior #invisibledisability #lifeistoughbutsoareyou

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When you have a chronic illness you find yourself immersed in the “warrior” narrative. You battle your illness, you win or you lose, you are victorious or you aren’t, you survive and thrive or you’re something else, something negative, something that means you didn’t try hard enough. Sometimes the warrior narrative is really empowering. But lots of times it makes you feel like you can’t live up to the expectations set out for you as someone chronically ill. Sometimes it feels like you’re a failure if all you can do that day is exist. So know that it’s okay if you don’t always feel like a fighter in the middle of the ring just waiting for the bell to go off so you can kick some ass. It’s okay if you just want to focus on breathing and being and trying to make it through a little bit at a time. There’s no right or wrong way to feel about being sick. .
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#puppyday is today & I feel that my little lovies deserve to be recognized! These two dogs are my entire world. Max (the black one) has learned to hug me, and he figured out on his own that I need hugs when I'm crying. Stella (the white one) licks my face to get me out of bed... she isn't picky at the time of day but she has helped me wake up from depression naps before. •••
I love and cherish my pups and I'm so thankful they chose me as their human🐾💛 ••• #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #endthestigma #selflove #selfhelp #ed #edrecovery #selfaffirmation #bipolar2 #bp2 #anxiety #chronicpain #scoliosis #invisibledisability #suicidesurvivor #selfharmsurvivor #sheddingtheshame

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In honor of #NationalPuppyDay, here’s a baby P-girl on the day I brought her home from the breeder. 💫 A little firecracker who nibbled on chins from day one. • Video description: I kneel in the grass in a blue t shirt and navy shorts while holding a small puppy Percie. Percie wears a pink collar and bites/licks my chin while I smile. In the background, my breeder goes “Oh my god, isn’t she sweet? Aw look at her little collar. She’s gonna chew your ear.”
Don't forget to say hey to my pals #TheGoldenPack @charlieee.boy @bentley_thecreamygolden @goldenleia @goldenbentleymn @goldcoastollie @bradylefluff @goldenloutriever
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Happy #nationalpuppyday!! 🐶
Here’s a couple puppy pics of Jasmine and a bad quality video of her playing by herself with a little nut thing she found outside 😂 she used to play by herself when she was a pup by throwing toys around and chasing them!
Fun fact: the first photo is of Jasmine at 6-8 weeks and the first photo we saw! The second and video are probably from 3-4 months.
I don’t have a lot of pics and videos since my old phone crashed and I lost some stuff 😭 ———
Photo one: Jasmine at six weeks old sits in front of the camera. Her upper body and face are in the shot, colorful pink flowers visible behind her.
Photo two: Jasmine and her handler are visible in a snowy backyard in front of a stone staircase. Her handler has her back to the camera wearing a hoody and pajamas, while Jasmine is by her side and interested on something on the ground.
Video description: Jasmine is visible as a puppy playing on a green lawn, throwing around a small nut-like object around. She repeats the process of tossing it and chasing it, before flopping down and tossing it once more.
Audio description: Occasional bird chirps are heard, as well as the clinging of Jasmine’s collar tags and other background noises.
📷📽️ 3/23/18 • 🐕 4 Years

Wendy Jean (@wendy_j23_findingthelight)

After a long few days out of the house for a funeral for our Pap I needed a detox bath to soothe my achy muscles and bones. #chronicfatigue #invisibledisability #missyoualready #lavender #detox