Vanessa Lam - Visual Artist (@adropofwonderstudio)

Rough day in many aspects yesterday. Funny how much the weather adds to the inner turmoil.

Tbomb (@tbomberry)

Good way to turn some heads on the island 😝🀘🏽#islandbound

Kristiann & Graham Gips (@sailallende)

Day 8: Sunny days with Allende hugging the swim line at Soggy Dollar Bar.

Kristiann & Graham Gips (@sailallende)

Day 9: Wedding. Party! Selfie by the groom; πŸ“Έ by the talent at @ishootbvi

Walter (@itsmrwaltz)

Hey everyPAWdy! I have some SUPER exciting news to announce. My family is moving to the island of KAUAI early next year! 🌴🌊🌈Mom and dad say I’m going to love it! They said there is sun all the time and water for me to swim in everywhere!!! I can’t wait🌞 #islandbound #hawaii #movingtokauai #kauai #deszellfamilyadventures #itsmrwaltz 🍍🌊🌈🌺🌴🍍🌊🌈🌺🌴

Kristiann & Graham Gips (@sailallende)

Day 10: A milestone birthday is a great reason to book a yacht charter with friends!

Leah Eitzen (@ltopp89)

We had a great visit at Auntie G's house even though I was super cranky. My favourite part was yelling at the deer. 🦌❀️😊