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Nothing good comes from judging. Good comes from love. Support. Someone saying, "me too". Good comes from good. As a coach it's not my job to judge anyone. I'm right there with you all. It's about being a team. We support each other. It's a safe, private space for everyone to take their health to the next level-- but not do it totally alone. Because alone is where it gets easy to say "who cares?" And get off track from where you wanted to go. But with support, you can say "Hey, how can I handle this?" We've got your back. I've got your back. #nojudgement #support #teamwork #sharevictory #lifteachotherup

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Problem #newborn #constipation • as a #firsttimemum & having no clue of solutions to problems you often find yourself looking for answers on the internet or you ask around in the family • our baby had some proper constipation • we always heard about these problems wether the baby is breastfed or bottle fed, fact is there's nothing worse than feeling like you can't help at all • one solution [of course doesn't help every baby as every tummy is so different] is to mix a teaspoon of prune juice in the meals/portions of the baby • it helped our baby to relax & for the digestion system to recover & function better • my little miracle juice to help our baby • might be of some use for other mums 👍🏻

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