K@§@ndr@ (AngelsGirl✨✌️) (@lifesadream_calledreality_)

❤️I think I'm too much, but he thinks I'm just perfect.. little did he know I think he's that and much more🌷

I love you and I can't get tired of saying that, coz when I say it I mean it.. (': So I only say I love you when I feel it deep in my heart 💓 When I know you feel it too. And yes I always do but I like to say it when my eyes water, when i feel bliss, when I start to smile for no reason, when I start to realize how essential you fucking are. 🌎✨💞

Honestly it's so hard to make a song about u coz it would be too fucking long so I'm working on the things that you need to know that I need to sing out loud✌️