TacoTuesday (@everydayistacotuesday)

Did I mention that stairs are my nemesis?

Rusty The Jack-Heeler (@rustyismyname)

One months difference - We are almost the same size! 😱Cooper's ears finally decided they want to stand up. Mine never made up their mind 🤔

Rusty The Jack-Heeler (@rustyismyname)

Cooper came over to my house and woke me up this morning 😴 I'm ready for a nap already

Cão Nosso (@caonosso)

Chico e Sampa: a prova de que a amizade não escolhe tamanhos ☺️

Bram (@jrt_bram)

He just can't stay clean 🐷😂 Before ⬅️and ➡️After a walk.

Hannah Bedwell (@hanrenbed13)

I stopped for gas this weekend, and left the empty bag of what was a burger and a famous CDI soda, in the car. Someone thought she needed to make sure all the crumbs were gone. I let her sit like this in her bag of shame for several minutes before I helped her take it off. #chaffeedrivein #cdi #hilarious #mydog❤️ #brownbaglunch #dumbdog #jackrussellsofig #jackrussellterrier