Eyecandysfinest❤️😁💰💋💕 (@eyecandysfinest)

Happy 5th birthday chase mommy ❤️u to the moon and back #birthdayboy🎉🎈#anythingforu#jan122013

Mrs. Johnson (@imaginethat06121984)

It's been 5 years now. I'm sitting here thinking about you and missing you more each day. Never forgetting the last conversation we had before your life was taking away. Always remembering that big beautiful smile you had and the special conversations we had together. You always ended your conversations with "I love you baby."
I wish that your babies would have had the opportunity to know you but I promise you they will always know that you are their father. You grew up so fast and I missed so much in your life. You are my first born and I had 5 years with you as an only child. I will forever cherish those years the most. You're forever in my heart son and I will carry you there until the end.
Love your mom. #StevenLawson #Imaginedat #Jan122013 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀j

Rita Saysanasy (@rita.jazzlynn)

Happiest 5th birthday to the first boy to ever call me “mommy” 💙 we love you, lil papi! #DainenJace #Jan122013 #happybirthday #tearingupbecauseheisntababtanymore

Ann Flores-Mantos (@annmantos)

Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale. Best day ever!💍❤️ #myweddingday #jan122013 #tbt

Rotoya Goodwin (@rotoya.goodwin)

All dressed up and ready to celebrate our special day!! It's our Anniversary!! #puertorico #anniversarytrip #teamgoodwin #teamgoodwill #jan122013 #iloveit

Maese Polo Cabahug Abejo (@khylecabaraban)

Walay ka tao2x:)) #JAN122013 #Latepost

Monica Orozco (@monica12310)

Fixed the pics :) he had a blast #mountainhigh #jan122013

Amanda (@manduh0012)

The only pic that was taken for my b day! #happybday2me #26 #yikes