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@dylangehlken_photography killing this shot from lake Oberon .. brilliant

Russell Fenton πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ (@rfukme)

Another shot of the Chinese theatre in Hollywood

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@marc.adamus slayin in Alaska .. excellent photography. #photoslayerz


Buongiorno β˜•οΈchi ti ama davvero..... al mattino non ti parla 😜

hardian nur mutahajid (@hardian08_)

Sisa main semalam.... .
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Caroline (@carolinewalker21)

Bishops Bay is food for the soul, any time of the year.

ODIN ANDERSEN (@odinandersen_)

Exploring my own city πŸ’₯πŸ‡©πŸ‡°βœŒοΈ

Travis Feuerbacher (@pinchetravis)

One of my photos currently on display in the US Consulate General in Hong Kong as part of my exhibit entitled "Shooting from the West: Hong Kong through an American Lens." I shot this photo last year during a particularly gloomy evening. With Hong Kong Island's shiny new buildings almost completely hidden in fog, it felt as if I had jumped back 50 years in time when junks like this were commonplace.

James Rodewald (@j_rodewald)

"Hemlock grove in Spring"
Spring rains help to bring out the true beauty in these Adirondack woodlands. In a hemlock grove like this the biodiversity of the forest can soar. It can function like an umbrella species and a keystone species for its role in providing food, shelter, nest sites and hunting grounds for numerous species of animals. A forest may seem lifeless in the Winter until you travel into a hemlock grove where you will frequently see the signs of many forest inhabitants.
This grove was had a certain glow to it on Earth Day 2017 as the Sun began to punch through the thick morning fog and light mist. A chaotic image for sure, but nature can be chaotic and these groves are very busy places. Enjoy! Peace.
(This is the second version of this shot, sorry about that. Lesson learned, if you post process in a room with the lights off not only will you choose the wrong exposure your viewers will be looking at a very dark image!) .
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