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Day 21 of the #abnewyearstashchallenge by @peepingpomeranian ❤️💕: Hair color/styling 💇🏻
I have white hairs since I was 13 because we have it in our genes. It became worse and worse through the years so around the time I started working and becoming more stressed (thus, more white hairs), I decided to color my hair. It became more frequent through the years, so now I color my hair every 3-4months. I'm very lazy so I always have it done in salons, and thus, I don't have hair colors in my collection. 🌈
For hair Styling:
💇🏻Redken Smooth Lock Leave-in Cream- freebie when I ordered online some years ago. Don't like the smell so I don't use it
💇🏻Lucidol-L Hair Wax Curls (green tub)- in 2015, I had my hair permed so I bought this. I like using wax or creams more than mousse because creams feel more natural and softer. I really like this Japanese styling wax!!! There are several varieties of this, but this is for permed soft curls. I think this is my 5th tub, but I already cut my hair so it's now unused
💇🏻Lucidol-L Soft Wave Hair Milk (pink bottle)- don't like this as much as the wax, but its effects really are for very soft waves. I find that it doesn't hold as well as the wax
💇🏻Philips Care and Protect Hair Dryer- going to my storage box soon
💇🏻Dyson Supersonic (hair dryer)- OMG! I've been dying to buy this since October and I was contemplating to buy it in Sephora when they had 20% off sale in November. But I remembered I have a friend who works for Dyson, and he bought this for me with even bigger discount! ❤️❤️❤️ Can't wait to use this and feel like I'm Song Hye Kyo 😂💕

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"Saturday Prism Power, Make Up!" ✨🌸🌙 I finally used up most of my eyeliners so it was totally justified to finally try this baby out 😍 This black one is actually a lot better than the brown one I own - maybe that was just bad luck..? There are certainly better eyeliners out there but what I love about this is that you can put the cap just on any other pen liner to sailor moon-ify it 👁️
Also, I refuse to acknowledge that I have a problem with pretty packaging impulse buys. No regrets 🎀

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My morning #skincareroutine - I need to start using a foaming cleanser and not just cleansing water though. So lazy. .
💖#neogen Rose Petal Cleansing Water .
🍔#Huxley Secret of Sahara Toner
💖#sulwhasoo First Care Activiating Serum ex
🍔#hadalabo Gokujyun Lotion
💖Hada Labo Medicated Face Conditioner .
🍔Hada Labo Shirojyun Milk
💖#mamonde #마몽드 Enriched Nutri Cream
🍔#senka Sunscreen- omg I forgot the name I'll fix this later sorry!!! #rasianbeauty #skincare #koreanskincare #kbeauty #jbeauty

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😂 Printed Face Masks.
Je ne me remets toujours pas de la tête de mes proches lorsque j'ai essayé ces masques ! La revue toujours sur le blog ! 👉
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跨入30岁,肌肤面临松弛、缺乏弹性等老化迹象,如果你问我要怎么击退老化问题,那就选择Hada Labo Lifting & Firming系列呗!
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Products I rely on to achieve my skin goals: well-balanced skin, minimal breakouts and fading PIH. Probably should also consider some anti aging as i am reaching 35 yo 🙈, but I believe healthy skin is a first step to aging gracefully, so here goes:
⚪️ #orbis The Cleansing One, is really the one for me for deep, yet gentle pore cleansing: grits city but never leave skin feeling stripped, just oh so smooth. So with this, I am done with the search of the perfect first cleanser 💁.
⚪️ NIOD Sanskrit Saponin, introduced by @sbitsandbobs and girl knows her stuffs 😘.
⚪️ #sonandpark #beautywater, an extension to my cleansing steps. I love it! No matter how thorough I thought my cleansing is, my beauty water-soaked cotton pad always picks some more dirt!
⚪️ #drwu 18% mandelic acid, my glow in the bottle, the one product that makes my skin glow and look polished. Also with this, I am done with the search of the perfect chemical exfoliator 💁.
⚪️ #leejiham tea tree essence, this must be my 4th or 5th! Sometimes I skip hydrating toner/ FTE step and just apply 2 layers of this after actives. ⚪️ #sharksauce, so far this is the best product I have found to fade PIH! ⚪️ #drcilabo Bi Ha Ku Aqua Collagen Gel, the least sticky one of the Aqua collagen gel I've tried, so nice for AM use, also to layer at night when I don't use badecasil - usually apply 2 layers of this.Have high hopes for this one, sexy ingredients with vitamin C high up the ingredient list and also ceramide 3 💖.
⚪️ #badecasilcera3, a solid night treatment, works best without any layering beneath, just a thick layer and you are good to go: smoother skin next morning! But since I love layering, I usually apply my actives, toner, LJH tea tree essence, then wait up to 1hour before applying this. Almost finish the tub, while I still get hormonal and random zits, but overall skin texture has improved so much 💖.
⚪️ #shiseido multi defense UV protector SPF 50 PA+++ sunscreen! My to-go anti aging, this is a long term favorite and gives the most beautiful finish, satin finish that just looks like my skin, but better. -----------------
What are your skin goals and trusted products to achieve them? 😘😘😘

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【日本語文あり】evening guys! i watched the ep 14 of goblin and i need to get me more tissues (and some lip balm for mr. goblin!!!) ✨✨✨✨✨✨ANYWAY for day 18 of #abnewyearstashchallenge is my current hair treatments 💦✨✨ i have a couple of others but these two are the ones i have used the most, since going blond last summer!!! @peepingpomeranian
(left) @ogx_beauty nourishing coconut milk anti-breakage #serum - i picked this up a good few months ago from a local grocery store but i do know @ultabeauty carries this line too!! ✨💕i love the scent but i use the serum only on my ends. i think it works....?
(左)#ogx ココナッツミルクインスタントリペアトリートメント ▶️︎ 数カ月前、近くの食品店で購入しましたがULTAからOGXも買えるよ。✨💕ココナツの香りが好きだし髪の先だけセラムを塗っています。たぶん、大丈夫だと思いますけど・・・・・
(right) oshima #tsubaki camellia oil - sometimes this is a bit thick and oily (duh?!?!?!!?!) but i also only use this on my ends! i do which this were in a pump or dropper type of bottle, so i may need to DIY one...💦💦 BUT the best part is there's no chemicals or preservatives!!
(右) 大島椿 オイル ▶️︎ もちろんオイルだから油っぽい感じですが時々油っぽく過ぎてるし・・・髪の先だけで使いますけど。なのでパンプがあるの瓶やドロッパー瓶のタイプが欲しいので自分で作ってみようかな・・・💦💦 さらにも化学物質と保存料を加えずにこの大人気オイルのメインポイントです。
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#TGIF Time to relax after a hard week, to catch up on our reads, soak in the tub (as the Japanese love to do!), and just calm down. We hope you all have a relaxing weekend and will see you at our upcoming events, right?! Comment below and let us know what you'll be doing this weekend! 💙


Day 7 of the #abnewyearstashchallenge is serums, essence, and ampoules.

Pictured are

#thesaem Dewy Love Hydrating Essence

This is my second bottle and I'm already out. I need to reorder it! I use it as the last step on my night routine and I really enjoy the scent.

#goodal Double Bright Intense Serum

This one I only used for 3 days. It broke me out in a lot of tiny whiteheads.

#tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum

This is only started using it recently and I'm in love with it. Will definitely order the full size. My skin was looking pretty tired and dull, and this baby fixed that up in no time.

#esteelauder Advanced Night Repair

I've tried this one twice and both times it has broken me out in really deep painful pimples. My mom on the other hand loves it and it's worked really well for her.

#thesaem Power Ampoule Pore Tightening
This one I stopped using the first time I tried out the Advanced Night Repair Serum and was trying to figure out what was breaking me out. I need to give this ampoule another go.

#melano CC Serum

This is my second bottle and it really helps the scarring from breakouts fade faster.

#skinwatchers AC Clearing Essence

This one didn't do much of anything for me, so I stopped using it.

#scinic Aqua All in one Ampoule

This one I had originally bought to use on nights when I was too tired to do a full routine, but somehow it worked its way into my daily routine. Although on the odd night when I don't do a full routine, this and my eye serum and I'm ready for bed. 😁

🍑🗑️🎀 (@spacedump)

【日本語あり】I'm catching up!!! day 17 of #abnewyearstashchallenge is shampoo & conditioners 👌🏼👌🏼here is my current but humble collection of #ichikami !! for reference: i currently have thin fine hair which is currently a nice platinum blonde with roots showing through 💦✨✨@peepingpomeranian
やっほー!17日目のテーマはシャンプーとリンスでした👌🏼👌🏼ここは今のいち髪のシャンプーとリンスを持っているコレークッションです( ̄Д ̄)ノ 今は金髪ですけど薄く細い髪の毛のタイプです✨✨
#ichikami herbal & rice bran shampoo - i actually found this at @tjmaxx at the end of 2015 and i am close to the end of the huge bottle! 😍🙌🏼While it's mainly for oily hair... it also targets rough and tangled hair (which is right up my alley)!! with no silicones and sans sulfates, it leaves my hair pretty clean but i do want to RP soon but as a set, so i can use the conditioner too 🙌🏼🙌🏼 this also works WONDERS as a foundation brush and cushion puff cleanser btw 👀👌🏼✨✨✨✨✨✨
いち髪なめらかスムーズケア シャンプー ▶️︎ 実は突然に2015年の終わりのぐらい、近くの店TJ Maxxで1個だけのシャンプーを見つけて購入できたりもうすぐデカい瓶を流れ出てるよ😍🙌🏼 油っぽい髪タイプの人を向かってに販売されるのにもつれたとぼさぼさの髪も完璧なシャンプーです!! ノーシリコンシャンプーと全品サールフェートフリーで、金髪の髪がけっこうキレイになったらいい感じです( ̄Д ̄)ノもうすぐセットでシャンプーとリンスを購入して直したいんだ!コンディショナーというリンスを使ってみたいんだから 🙌🏼🙌🏼 さらにシャンプーはファンデのブラッシュとクッションパフを洗うのために最高です👀👌🏼✨✨✨✨✨✨
ichikami #moisturizing shampoo set - got this at wajis sometime last summer ✨✨✨I didn't like the conditioner much so I've been using it as a shaving cream lmaooo!! the shampoo tho is very moisturizing and smells so nice!! both also work well on my blonde hair and don't cause it to look brassy or anything👌🏼👌🏼
濃密W保湿ケア シャンプー/コンディショナー ▶️︎ 来年の夏、宇和島屋で購入した✨✨✨コンディショナーがあまり好きじゃないのでリンスの代わりにシェービングフォームで使用ww!!しかもシャンプーがすごい#保湿 だし良い香りがあるよ。
i do have some john freida shampoos but i decided not to include them as they are INCREDIBLY DRYING and have caused to shed hair like crazy 💦💦💦
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Day 20 of the #JanuarySkinChallenge is pm routine, and this is my most basic one. Still relatively extensive but it doesn't take much time to pay all this in, maybe 7 minutes tops, so I don't mind.
💧@ceraveskin Hydrating Facial Cleanser
🍮@skinfoodofficial Black Sugar First Treatment Serum
🐁@Cosrx Galactamyces 95 Whitening Power Essence
🍺@kikumasamune_official Sake High Moist Lotion
🐝@bentoncosmetic Snail Bee High Content Essence
🏥@drjart Ceramidin Liquid
🐌@mizon_official Black Snail AIO Cream
🌱@naturestruth Tea Tree Oil
⚜️#Cosrx Overnight Moisturising Honey Sleeping Mask

emy (@theauxiliaryclub)

Day 20 of the #ABNewYearStashChallenge #mystylingpomeraniangiveaway hosted by @peepingpomeranian is themed "body lotion," so I thought I'd share my general body care routine. It differs a bit when I shave, but this is generally what I do when I get out of the shower.
⚒️@Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner: This is a toner with AHA's (glycolic I think?) and salicylic acid with a pH of 3 so it can effectively exfoliate. I rub this one as soon as I'm done toweling dry and brush my teeth/floss/etc. while I wait around ten minutes to give it some time on my skin by itself. Waiting up to half an hour would make more effective, but I have two flatmates and one roommate and I don't really want to walk around naked for half an hour.
🍶@Kikumasamune_official Sake High Moist Lotion: I follow the exfoliating toner with this hydrating one and wave my limbs around to make it sink in faster. I personally hate the smell of alcohol in general, but the sake scent fades super quickly so I've gotten used to it.
🌧️@tonymoly.official Wonder Water Moisture Cream: This is a slightly thicker moisturiser that I apply after the Kikumasamune. It doesn't get tacky and attract lint after I get dressed, which is my priority with body lotions, so I'm fond of it.


Crème de la crème of my skin care routine: 👑 @drcilabosg Aqua Collagen Gel 👑, which is a gel cream that works beautifully as an all-in-one lotion-serum-moisturizer-sleeping pack. 💖 extra sensitive (aka pink gel) 💖
This was the first one I tried and fell in love with, an impulse purchase together with @sbitsandbobs.
I went through one tub, onto my second now and have a back up ready. have been thoroughly impressed with its ability to soothe my skin and hydrate deep into the skin.
The soothing effects were immediate, especially on my often overexfoliated skin. Skin is always visibly calmer and dry patches are no longer an issue.
While this isn't a miracle in a tub, the long term effects of regular use are even more impressive, skin is so much smoother, plumper, and skin barrier seems stronger, healthier.
Small price to pay, this is very sticky, which is not ideal for morning (though, it works fine under sunscreen and turns out it provides all day long hydration). Tips: apply thickly at night, practice to sleep peacefully on your back, and say hello to gorgeous, soft, healthy and better skin in the morning (personal experience 💁).
Also, ingredients are so good, full of anti-inflammatory and healthy extracts from licorice to ceramides and many other skin loving and calming ingredients, all together magically composed into this super food for the skin.
In short: a must have, dessert island item, i-do-not-ever-want-to-be-without-this, please-do-not-ever-get-discontinued 💖💖💖💖💖.
PS. Also equally nice and less sticky are the herbal gel O2 and the Aqua collagen gel Bi Ha Ku (brightening version with ascorbyl glucoside, a stable form of vitamin c). I love all three and please don't make me choose 🤤
Pps. Thank you so much @sbitsandbobs and @drcilabosg for feeding my addiction to the Aqua collagen gel and gifting me a tub of the pink gel, with the sweetest note and delivery to my doorstep 💖! If it isn't obvious enough, I love it 😍 😍😍