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Jedi Generations trabajo de Andres Cruz puse el triptico en la pared de mi baño hoy. Andres hace trabajo bien accesible en precio star wars fans apoyen los locales busquenlo en Facebook. Happy Sunday. Mi mini DYI hoy poner cuadros y hacer cambios... #starwars #jedi #yoda

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Darth Sideous VS Master Yoda.
Really sorry for the Inactivity. No excuse :/
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Nooo! I need my Jawa Juice!
Fact 600!

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That’s it for Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels! It was a great season and a pleasure watching the crew of Phoenix Squadron evolve as warriors and as a family. I’m glad everyone is back for next season, including Kallus! After his brawl with Thrawn on Lethal I thought he was done for. He will definitely add a cool element to next season and I hope to see his altercations with the Empire. This was definitely the best Thrawn we have seen. His patience and research paid off as he destroyed many of the rebel’s vessels, and I feel he definitely could have destroyed more if Tarkin didn’t tell him to to take some prisoners. I was totally moved when Sato sacrificed himself for the good of mission. Out of everyone I thought might die in the finale, I never thought he would be one of them. Looking back though, it makes sense, never did see him in Rogue One or the original series Also, the fight scenes were incredible in space and on land, especially when Ezra and the Mandalorians were shooting and deflecting blasts on the hull of a Rebel ship. I couldn’t believe that “gravity wall” slingshotted that rebel ship back after trying to escape. The Empire ended up being too much for the Rebels and were definitely the victors. Bendu’s inclusion was also a neat “curveball” for Thrawn because if anyone were to throw him off guard, it had to be a character he hadn’t previously seen or studied. All in all, I thought it was very good and I am very excited for season four! What did you all think?!
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Introducing the one and only...
Mister Sticky McStickerson!
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