Tiberius (@tiberiusblue)

Naps in the sunshine are the best ☀️

Anja (@anjava)

Treats for me?!? Oh yes keep feeding me!

Sarah Elkins (@ashfiress)

The chair it's apparently Yangs exclusively.

Takeshi .Y (@yotake666)


Monty 🐾 (@manicmonty)

Soaking up the summer sun ☀️

Walter White Cat (@mrwalterwhitecat)

If you wondered how Skyler ended up wearing her scarf as a belt, here's the moment before it happened. She just stepped right into the neck hole. #skylerinaccounting #whiskerwednesday

☆Starla (The Ragamuffin)☆ (@starla_belle)

Sunshine whiskers for this Whiskery Wednesday 😸💛☀️

Tiberius (@tiberiusblue)

Kitties in the window 🖼️

Stefania - Verona - Italy (@zeta_di_zenzero)

To eat or not to eat--that is the question.

Henna bengal (@bengal_henna)

Wednesday relaxing with Mom after breakfast 😺 #regal #queen