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I love Joey from Animal Crossing. He's my FAVORITE VILLAGER. He made some apple pie, but we'll see if he shares.... That's Andrew in the back. 😛 #animalcrossing #joey #acnl #newleaf #sketches

Amaroo Wildlife Shelter (@amaroowildlifeshelter)

This little wombat joey must of been hit by a car. He was passed on to me as him was dragging his back legs and needed veterinary care. The wonderful staff at my work, the Lort Smith Animal hospital have put him under general anaesthesia to see if he could be saved. After x-rays the vets Tristan and Jonny found he had a fractured femur and right dislocated hip. Tristan was confident he could wire and pin the femur and a full recovery would be made if the hip would be successfully replaced. The hip had been out for days and this made it very difficult. Jonny is a fantastic orthopaedic vet and was able to manipulate the leg back into place with a special technique. Then it was off to theatre with Dr Tristan to repair his broken femur. It was quite a long surgery for a 3kg baby but nurse Bec kept him stable throughout his anaesthesia. The surgery and recovery went very well. Little Wombat (yet to named) has been put on a variety of strong opioid pain medications and intravenous fluids. My job of nursing him and caring for him has so far not that easy. He only just took his first bottle 24 hours after surgery and the poor darling is confused, painful on and off and frustrated. He is a wild boy who is stressed and has been through such a hard time already. Rocking him soothes him and he settles enough to sleep every few hours. Sometimes he eats a little fresh grass. Often he enjoys a good belly scratch. Slowly slowly he will get better and settle into his new life at the shelter.
Thank you so much to everyone who has helped care for him so far. If anyone would like to donate money to help us to save more animals in urgent need of care and expensive surgeries like this please make a donation to @amaroowildlifeshelter or @lortsmith
Thank you! 🌱 #baby #wombat #joey #injured #surgery #lortsmith #amaroowildlifeshelter #cute #vegan #animals #australia #volunteer #donate #rescue #rehabilitate #release #nativewildlife #wildlife #savelives

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Me at my old apartment time sure flies 🤣🤣#joey #oldies #selfie

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Just saw IT and needed to look at something cute and cuddly before bed to prevent nightmares. Australia has the cutest critters!
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