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This gal is an ABSOLUTE ROCKSTAR 🌟
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I've had friends tell me... "I can't afford #Plexus, but I really want to try it!" Trust me, I was in that same position when I first wanted to try Plexus I am single person household with LOTS of student loans and kept telling my sponser I had no idea how I would be able to swing it but once I started samples and saw the results other unnecessary things went away! Here's a few ideas on how you can start on a budget! 💵 Start with a 7-day trial. It's an affordable & a simple way to check out #Slim without spending much money. 💵 Look at what you spend your money on... Is it your hair? Nails? Tanning? Fast food? Energy drinks? Coffee? Candy? Clothes? Shoes? Makeup? Handbags? What can you cut back on? 💵 Start small. You don't need every single Plexus product to get started. Start with the Slim or the #ProBio5 or the #XFactor #multivitamin. 💵 Remember there is a 60-day money back guarantee on all of our products. 💵 Consider wholesale pricing. It's the cheapest & allows you to earn commissions, even off your own orders!! #investinyourself #gethealthy #joinme #plexus #dontbeabumponapickle

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This is why I am so proud to work with Rodan & Fields. This is the 3rd article written by Forbes magazine! Another article highlights R&F being an excellent 3-5 year retirement plan.
Make 2017 your year! What's holding you back from taking the next step to being financially stable and living the life you've always dreamed of?

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Happy Wed-nes-day 💋 (and dont lie... you know you once said it like hat to remember how to spell it... I still do! 😋)

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Listos para el fitcamp febrero 5🔥🔥💚💪💪
Reserva tu espacio, cupos limitados
Locacion: tropical park #joinme #fitcamp #healthylife #herbalifenutrition #workout #fullbody

Gimme Those Lips by Misha (@gimmethoselips)

Remember last week how I bribed you with 3 colors to watch that video? This is more on that. Friday will be the last day to enter the drawing to win 3 free colors!! (Link in bio)
Sorry, not sorry. I'm just so EXCITED about this company!! If you are thinking or ever have thought of getting on board, even for the discount, NOW is the time!!! YOU GUYS…this company is just about to hit its momentum phase, we are headed there! "The best time to join a company is during the concentration phase. At this phase, the company has been proven, but has not yet hit momentum.

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Who says you don't have time to get in a workout because " you have kids" ? .
Just finished!! Baileigh was not being very cooperative the last 5 minutes... she was fusing and then one minute to go she was screaming... .
But mommy needs to take a selfie 🤳 ... lol .
If you want it that bad you will make time 👊🏼