NM (@nvbilll)

In life, If you can’t find the sucker chances are you’re the sucker, don’t let the game play you, play the game...#everythingiscnnctd

Vlad (@vladymir_ph)

I'll let my work speak for its self.

Jurais Muzafa (@juraismuzafa)

#folksindonesia #makeapotrait


They told me to take a hike, so I did 🤷🏽‍♂️

Upcy (@upcygirl)

mermaid coffin Halloween 'wreath' // wall hanging ; tutorail will be available next week

Tai-Lin Michon (@tailinmichon)

find friends with good pumpkin loaf 🍂 #TipsFromTai

Angela Tran l Toronto (@thatisangela)

If you're scared, it means that you have to go for it.

Jason Koburov (@bulgarian_nightmare)

"Stick to the side roads, they help interesting thoughts. You see what you want to see..." 🎙️Poison the Well "Apathy Is a Cold Body" 🎙️ #djiphantom4 #symmetricalmonsters