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The only thing I have to post currently is this selfie from my day of grad, or actual grad photos. #selfie #makeup #eyelashes #sopale #whatever

Phu Tran (@phu_trans)

Atmo spheric

Seth Ficklin (@dipdyed_fishy__)

It's all about the attitude. Can't say it enough, but negative people/complainers have got to go. -
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End of day commute goals c/o @brianwillette
Death Valley National Park⠀
#brianwillette #deathvalleynationalpark #inspiration

FAR FROM ORDINARY (@ordnryclothing)

Everything you do & represent flashes before your eyes when you realize.⠀
✖️We ARE Far From Ordinary✖️
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Nainglin Myint (@bright_wind)

That scene in Rogue One when the room goes dark and all you hear is Darth Vader's respirator. Yeah.

alex dunbar (@alxdunbar)

It's like tron but in real life 👀

HUNS (@hunnus)

I think @gap could dig something like this, Tyler Shairo

KJ Rainey (@kjcam_)

Call ya bluff

BLACK SHEEP (@blacksheephtx)

Ridin' through the city. 📷: @opoline

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Say you flexin' that's a big lie ✔️

Luisfer Quezada (@luisfer_quezada_)

As much as I love exploring DC, I’m ready to start exploring my new home. 2 more months to go

Sam Barton (@sambartron_)

Walking up to the condo 🚶