Julian Ngai (@juucyn)

|| Happy belated, my guy ♥️ ||

CUSTOMATIC (@customatic)

Right now there is a kid somewhere, practicing art. Not for a career but just as a hobby and the pure love of it. The art form can be anything right now. But one day, as long as that kid continues to pursue and push their art, it will develop into something that he/she can build something with. That will give you opportunity and put you places that you may have never thought of. My camera has taken me many places and to meet many people. And even though I've been doing video since I was 14, it still is only the beginning! Let's see where our passion will take us

Only God knows

Marc Franklin (@marcjfranklin)

Once you've arrived

Budi iskandar (@chillman13_)

It's not fair, I found love
It made me say that
Get back you'll never see daylight, If I'm not strong, it just might

Khairul Amin (@k__amin)

that pink umbrella trademark

Mominatu Boog (@mominatu)

Prayers go up and the blessings come down. I was always spiritual never religious. Manifestations to the "divine" "source energy" never God. I always felt that organized religion was a liars cult until I found @c3brooklyn it took my life getting a little hazy and having to hit rock bottom to build a strong bond between myself and God. Can't explain how or why but I know he's got an incredible plan for my life as well as yours. Stay blessed. Happy Monday, xx 📸 @lordy.p

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Elliot (@sixpastfour)

there are moments in our lives that act
as axis points, and i think
that being able to know you was
one of them.
when i think of us, i think
of something ancient and eternal:
oceans reaching for the
horizon, or oak trees
bowing gently into the sunset.
Caption by Seraphina Tang
Photo by Elliot Wong

Ikram Sabri (@ikrmsbri)

Back in the 70s when we looked like the classy hippies.