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Key Film Dates * Justice League – Nov 17th, 2017
* The Flash – Mar 23rd, 2018
* Aquaman – Jul 27th, 2018
* Shazam – Apr 5th, 2019
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Good Knight Gothamites! One of the reasons why Batman's history has been celebrated for almost 78 years is his incredible rogues gallery, where Batman has fought countless villains, some only once and some for decades. I leave you tonight with an account slideshow showcasing 25 Batman villains over the last 75+ years in order of their debut in comic books! Doctor Death (Detective Comics (Vol 1) 29, July 1939); The Joker (Batman (Vol 1) 1, Spring 1940); Catwoman (Batman (Vol 1) 1, Spring 1940); The Penguin (Detective Comics 58, December 1941); Two-Face (Detective Comics 66, August 1942); Deadshot (Batman 59, June/July 1950); Calendar Man (Detective Comics 259, September 1958); Mr. Freeze (Batman 121, February 1959 (as Mr. Zero)); Owlman (Justice League of America (Vol 1) 29, August 1964); Poison Ivy (Batman 181, June 1966); Man-Bat (Detective Comics 400, June 1970); Ra's al Ghul (Batman 232, June 1971); Lady Shiva (Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter 5, December 1975); Deathstroke (New Teen Titans 2, December 1980); Killer Croc (Detective Comics 523, February 1983); Black Mask (Batman 386, August 1985); Carmine Falcone (Batman 404, 1987); Victor Zsasz (Batman: Shadow of the Batman 1, June 1992); Bane (Batman: Vengeance of Bane 1, January 1993); Harley Quinn (The Batman Adventures 12, September 1993); Hush (Batman 619, September 2003); Doctor Simon Hurt (Batman 673, June 2008); Court of Owls (Batman (Vol 2) 2, December 2011); Talon (William Cobb) (Batman (Vol 2) 2, December 2011); Mister Bloom (Batman 43, October 2015)! While this is only a small look at the infamous gallery, it definitely illustrates how dynamic this mythology continues to be. Who is your favorite Batman rogue? As always, thanks for following, have a great night and we will have more History of the Batman tomorrow. Remember Gothamites, it's all about peace, love and #Batman! [Batman Rogues Infographic:] ✌🏼️💛💙📖🎨