Braidian Sleigh (@braidunsleigh)

I started working on this again #cliqueart

¡good old fashion depression! (@galaxy.brendon)

I'm crying
Credit to @brendon_at_the_disco_
They make the most amazing edits

alt er love (@editsoverpeople)

{repost from vine} I'm sad what a shocker !1¡

sunshine (@sealbug)

2 am sketch . i'm going to touch this up, but no promises on uploading the 'finished thing' bc I already don't like how it's turning out

Mikaela Washington (@joshduninmyass)

This picture is just too much. 1. At some point in the night some asshole superglued a bunch of ramen to Josh's head. 2. Tyler is wearing one of those weird string tie ball things that only divorced white people in their forties wear. 3. Josh's beautiful smile that makes my knees quiver with anticipation. 4. Tyler's balls look A1 in those nice ass briefs, I bet they were cleanly shaven. 5. Josh looks like a Korean penguin. 6. They got awarded some stupid ass trumpet that doesn't even work???? Smh MTV
#twentyonepilots #joshdun #tylerjospeh #click #adamsandler