Taibolo-tw (@taibolotw)

Flame LEDs with Light-Weight Taibolo
Three modes of Flame LEDs
1️⃣White Light
2️⃣Orange Light(Fire Diabolo)
3️⃣White & Orange
Charge by Micro USB string
Coming out this weekend
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Susie 💜 (@sjforti)

My daily ritual! I absolutely love filling my body with these babies, ensuring I get my 30+ serves of fruit and veggies each day on top of what I already consume in smoothies, meals and snacks! My skin, nails, hair are amazing! My energy levels are fantastic and I haven't been sick in 18 months!!! Whaaa??!!! 🙌 that's right! I have kept the dr away and changed my lifestyle to be the absolute best of myself! Do yourself a favour and put these beans into your daily ritual and you will be the BEST, healthiest version of yourself! 💛 ask me how to get your hands on the beans TODAY!! 🙋 #magicbeans #mumlife #dailyritual #lemonwater #healthylifestyle #healthierhair #healthiernails #energyboost #jugglinglife #weightloss #nourishyourbody #nutrition

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Tonight's the premiere of The Alienist on TNT so thought I'd share a photo of me (by the terrific @todseelie) juggling at their exquisite premiere party at Paramount Studios with @little.cinema! @tntdrama @thealienisttnt @wearecivic

Jen Slaw (@jenslawgram)

Balance Challenge Day 13…Get outside!
The last couple days of warmer weather have meant afternoon walks around the neighborhood, trying out our new baby jogger stroller. There’s nothing quite like getting out in nature…and moving…to relieve some stress and restore a feeling of balance and peace.
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Jen Slaw (@jenslawgram)

Day 12...Zoom out for balance.

On Friday, I spent the morning presenting to 110 employees on how to adopt the Juggler’s Mindset to better juggle their roles & responsibilities, and be open to new possibilities for innovation and growth. In the afternoon, I attended a professional development & networking event with the National Speakers Association, NYC.
After 10+ hours with travel (the longest I’ve been away from my 10 month old so far, and so hard!), I made it home to spend the evening cuddled up, reading ‘Good Night, Beach’ to my favorite guy. Days like this are fulfilling and exhausting.
I think we have to accept that not every day - or any day! - will feel perfectly balanced. Some days are skewed towards work and some days towards family. Some days we’re wearing business attire and speaking to inspire professionals and networking with and learning from our colleagues …(and in between pumping breastmilk in the bathroom)…and some days we’re in sweatpants and covered in oatmeal that the kid won’t eat and playing with blocks and loving every minute of it …(and squeezing in a call or webinar or email)… We have to make compromises, prioritize, and choose what to focus on. Over time and with intention, we can create a balanced life. We have to zoom out. It’s hard to feel balanced in the moment. I think acknowledging this is the first step towards enjoying the moment we’re in. @oprah said it: “You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.” #40til40 #balancechallenge #jugglinglife #lifeisjuggling #motherjugglers

Hayley (@our.life.in.squares)

Only 1 more week of the school holidays left! This working lark and having to sort out 3 kids every shift is over rated. Bring on next Wednesday! 🎉
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Aline Jaeger (@maebilingue)

Essa sou eu tentando trabalhar no sofá de casa. Esse é o Lucas tentando me dizer que as férias chegaram. Será mesmo? Ainda tenho tarefas pendentes e as férias mesmo só semana que vem. Não é fácil conciliar tudo!!!! .
***** .
This is me trying to work from home, on the sofa. This is Lucas trying to tell me that we are on vacation. Are we really? I still have some work to do. Vacation only starts next week, for me. It isn’t easy to juggle it all! .
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Clip no.2 - I wanted to learn flowers since the beginning of this challenge :) #flannelshirts are the best! Especially the ones passed on from the male side of the family (this one belonged to my granpa)

Jambalaya juggling (@jambalayajuggling)

I’m often asked to show my Price Albert. Luckily it’s also a diablo trick! #diablo #juggling #circus #circusskills #jugglinglife #princealbert

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It’s hard work this juggling lark, sometimes I keep them up in the air, other times they come tumbling down.
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