Emmanuel (@emmanuelnolylopez)

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” 😂😂 #justmebeingsilly
Picture by keysasaliz
Jacket by Joary

Rosalind Guy (@rosguy31)

When you start playing with the filters on Instagram because you just typed "The End." And you are happy, happy, happy for the hours you got to put in on your short story. Even though you know when you look at it two days from now, it will have lost some of its original magic. But that's okay; that's what revisions are for. #amwriting #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram📚 #poetsofinstagram #justmebeingsilly #livingthedream #thewriterslife #dosomethingeverydayforyourdream

Courtney (@cherryface)

When you're thinking 💭 "I don't have time for this" because bae is getting on your nerves 😂.

Lil'Rob Burris (@darealest_nicca_init)

My shirt off My shirt off!!! (Gucci voice) 🤣 Don't act like you don't see dat hang time tho!! #LongHairDontCareBaby lol #JustMeBeingSilly

verss98 (@verss98)


Life is already so stressful and taxing with our works and personal stuff. I always believe sometimes we should not take things too seriously, whether the matter is directly/indirectly referring to yourself. Take a chill pill, as there are so much more to see and enjoy in this world, rather than being unhappy over a small meagre action. So go outside and strike a pose!! 🍌