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Everybody together #jw #wordlwide

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"Seu remédio é o campo" By: T. Andrade

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La familia Vivas-Herrera cumplió con sus hermanos rusos, Jehová mediante que llegué a su destino. Amén #jwrussia #jwvenezuela #jw

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Day 6 of 119. #prepdiaries
May or may not have done #bodybeast #buildshoulders after 3 other workouts I've done today.

I honestly wasn't going to do it, but I laid in bed and asked myself....What do you want?

I want to win. I want top ten.

I got up and did it and got really emotional during it. There was a set where I was crying and just reminding myself that I can do whatever I put my focus on. I let the voice of others mess with me alot and cause me to change the way I walk. And while that it is good to some degree because we all need correction at times, but it is not good if you let it overrun your life. And even worse when you let it chsnge the way you walk to the beat of your drum.

If it isn't harming anyone physically, mentally and if it isn't against Jehovah's standards. Do you, boo. It is your life as long as you can deal with the consequences of our decision.

Food was alright. I fit in my macros so that is best part.

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Es mas que un privilegio poder participar en esta campaña ayudando a nuestra hermandad mundial “El amor sería lo que distinguiría a los cristianos" #rusia #jw #brotherfortheworld #cartasporRusia #sertestigodeJehovanoesserextremista #love #photography

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We’re done!!!
Tsim tsa tsui congregation,Hongkong
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