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Photo shared by @jessgrapes - "First pioneer meeting ever as a family 😍🤗 "
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Jehovah's servants highly esteem God’s own holy book, the Bible. Being imperfect, we all receive Scriptural counsel at times. How will we respond to it? Consider the first-century Christians Euodia and Syntyche. Serious problems arose between these anointed women. What problems? The Bible does not say. But for the sake of illustration, consider the following possibility.
Suppose Euodia invited some brothers and sisters to her home for a meal and pleasant association. Syntyche was not invited, but she heard about the good time that everyone had. Syntyche may have said: ‘I cannot believe that Euodia did not invite me! I thought we were best friends.’ Feeling betrayed, Syntyche began to look at Euodia with doubt and even suspicion. So Syntyche arranged her own gathering and invited the same brothers and sisters—but not Euodia! The problem that existed between Euodia and Syntyche could have disrupted the peace of the whole congregation. The Bible does not tell us the outcome, but these sisters may have responded well to the apostle Paul’s loving counsel.—PHILIPPIANS 4:2, 3.
Similar situations sometimes cause difficulties in congregations of Jehovah’s people today. However, such problems can be solved or even avoided if we apply the counsel found in God’s Word, the Bible. And if we highly esteem Jehovah’s own Book, we will live by its instructions.—PSALM 27:11.
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Sosep Hatfield (@jwlife)

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At Pioneer School! 😁
"Que privilégio cursar com vocês! Agora somos "Cordeiros" formados!!! Jeová não poderia me dar presente maior do que esse curso! 💕"
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At my lowest, Jehovah is my hope At my darkest, Jehovah is my light At my weakest, Jehovah is my strength At my saddest, Jehovah is my comforter 🌺❤️ #jw

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Tonight Abby & Martha had their first part. Proud teacher 💕🏆 #jw #bestlifeever

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Mais uma porq gostei, Ainda caçando formiga 😅#jwonly #jw