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~The Pogreba Family Story~ (@oursocalledsimplelife)

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Shade umbrellas are a necessity in Southeast Asia. The sun is supremely intense #SunscreenandUmbrellas are needed if you plan on any walking. It makes taking a break for a cool drink the most refreshing thing you can imagine. #WouldnotHaveItAnyOtherWay

What about You? Would you carry an Umbrella even when there is no rain? Especially you men out there? ●

Tag someone with whom you would share your umbrella?

James Aupiais (@aup97_photography)

Among my journeys, I stumbled (not quite so literally) among this amazing gem of a city. Home to many things, I highly recommend this city as a must see destination, whether it be for the scenery, history, or for the delicacy that Toledo is known for, "Mazapán/Marzipan".