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Tree Galbman -

I love her and this movie so much-
- |Movie : Happy Death Day|


Deserves the world .
-ib/ac: sxpersara .
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PENELO🐝 SMOAK (@ofangelicsins)

so, you already know your my bestfriend and i will continue to write sappy crap for you untill the end of our days. in the short time we have known each other, you have taught me so much about myself. you showed me how to be comfortable with myself & to not change for no one. your honestly the best friend/mom/wife i can ask for. im so grateful i got to meet you in a time when life was not so good. you have made me laugh sm with all of your dirty jokes. & how we look through people’s bs. you deserve everything you want out of life and so much more! your literally the sunshine in the rain!! we have many ships claimed but honestly our truest form is jess & cece. you will always have a special place in my heart. okay this paragraph is crap but your not. ily πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– sincerely, cece, lydia, monica, serena, brooke, cami, hope, rebekah, your bestfriend, wifey, & daughter! @strongwillcd

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Let me just leave this here to bless your feed :) 🀀😍 /
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Matt (mathias) | he/him | ιœŠηš„ (@spiritual.mp4)

don’t mess with a god |
β€” ac; i forgot | sc @sunqlia -
this will probs flop again but oh well

–chloeッ | 29 days!! (@multidcfam)

all good things, must eventually, come to an end.
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idk why that caption, bc my babies will come back together !!.
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