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Результаты,как говорится на лицо. Подходит к завершению моя 8-ми недельная жиросжигательная программа. В которой был сбалансированный рацион. По Белки 1_1.5 гр на кг веса. Жиры 0.5-1 гр на кг веса. Углеводы 3-4 гр на кг веса. Первые недели давались очень тяжело, есть хотелось всегда, особенно вечером и был упадок сил с потерей веса.За программу потерял 6кг лишней массы.Немного упали обьемы.Тренировался 4 раза в неделю Понедельник, вторник- тяжёлая тренировка. Четверг, пятница- лёгкая тренировка. После Нового года перейду на так называемый Масса набор, где увеличу количество медленных углеводов до 5-6 гр на кг веса. Соответственно тренировки будут построены по другому.. На массу буду бомбить три месяца,после чего отдых и подготовка к летнему сезону, да здравствует снова "Сушка"и прощай ужасный Жир)).#icolinb #Fitguy #Mcfit #Cleverfit #motivation #ifbb #fit #bodybuilding #fitness #gymlife #dbfv #keepgoing #gym #0711 #fitnessgear #muscle #getshredded #Stuttgart #workoutmode #onlinecoach #physiquemodel #bodyengineers #fitnessphysique #gymwear #fitguy #simplyshredded #sixpack #fitnesslife #coaching

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UPDATE: I’m still not back to feeling 100%, but I think the next blog-post will the best one yet!
A little hint for you; the post was inspired by a recent trip I took to a galaxy far, far away 🌌

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The pieces that hold it all together. #keepgoing

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“Be patient.”⠀
A close, and much older, friend of mine gave me those words in a very soft, all-too-knowing tone one night when I was spiraling over my future.⠀

The millennial poster child for restlessness, patience has never come easy. Comfort is often mistaken for stagnancy, and a voice will insist I’ve gone complacent and have stopped climbing—triggering new goals and efforts to curb a dim, slowly swelling panic.⠀

It’s time to take my foot off the gas.⠀
I know it is.⠀
This year has given me more change, more success, more hope, and more excitement than I could have dreamed of. It’s so hard finding the patience to rest in that and allow myself to just be for a little while, but my, is it high time.⠀
Here’s to being where you are, and knowing it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be. 🥂

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Alone Wolf:
The hardest walk you can make is the walk you make alone,
Stay strong, Keep going
Stay strong, Keep going
This walk is hard but the hardest walk make biggest destination,
You are born to stand up,
You are born to lead,
Never give up, Keep going
Never looking back, always look Forward to success.
#motivation #keepgoing #staystrong #walk_alone

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#mindfulmonday featuring @ayeshortii

"The first time I took this class, I got nauseous about half way through the class and opted to sit out. Renee was so caring & concerned, and even offered to show me more subtle moves so I could still participate. From what I was able to do, i thoroughly enjoyed the class which drove me to go back 2 weeks later and try it again. This time, i was able to get through the whole class! While it was definitely challenging & a good workout, the class also brought on a sense of relaxation. I loved doing the inversions & especially the stretching. Renee is an amazing instructor and you can literally feel her passion for this industry as shes teaching. I cant wait to go back on Tuesday!"

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Yo Gotti’s first major label album dropped in 2003. He just got his first Hot 100 Top 10 hit in 2017.
Nearly 15 years later and he’s bigger than ever at 36. #KeepGoing #MeanGirlzMedia