Mary (@bhappy247)

Have a #great night my friend ... hope your weekend was good and that some #love and #happiness came round Your way... if not don't be discouraged cause better days will come to You! So always #keepgoing #keepsmiling #keepshining #keepbelieving and just always know #everythingsgonnabealright #sweetdreams πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸŒ™#mary #earthangel #vsgirl #pink #girl #optimism #harmony #joy #smiler #affection #peaceful #music #magic #gratitude #allthingsgood 🌺

David Romani (@david_romani4)

Day 45: If you take a step back and open your eyes, you'd be surprised how many beautiful blessings you have around you. Smile. Be thankful. Pay it forward.

Brian Fulginiti (@the_mindset_motivator)

I wanted to share this video of me rhyming in a way to promote positivity, but also being ok and with being vulnerable on how people may view it. I like to Freestyle for fun and came up with this as I was writing a speech and inspired to record it from a friend. I want to have my messages and quotes reflect on the image of, being true to yourself, shining in your own light and becoming comfortable with sharing your opinions that promote positive growth and stepping outside of your comfort zone as much as possible.

✨✨Tina Moore Brown✨✨ (@tinamoorebrown)

I am honored to be nominated in the category of #HealthAndFitness for the #ACHIMagazine Award 2017. The nominee luncheon at #TheRenessiance was phenomenal. It was great seeing and meeting so many women doing big things in NC. #TMBINT #KeepShining #ILoveWhatIDo

Karisa πŸ’ͺ🏽Health Coach (@karisalara)

❀️SO Beyond THANKFUL for dear friends more like family that Jesus uses to speak through!!! God knew EXACTLY what I needed to hear today!!! Thank you Angela De Bie!!! I'm SO grateful for YOU!!! You have impacted SO many lives and I know this is just the BEGINNING! I loveπŸ’ž you my friend! #createyourbestlife

Wellness πŸ’›Sparkle & Shine✨ (@smilefromtheinsideout)

😁A T T U T U D E I S E V E R Y T H I N G😁

Within business you can be the brightest, most passionate, driven, confident person, learning new knowledge and skills everyday... but if your attitude stinks it will literally be the downfall of your success! Positivity creates more of the same πŸ’– #attitudeiseverything

Wellness πŸ’›Sparkle & Shine✨ (@smilefromtheinsideout)

Whether I'm singing 🎢 presenting 🎀or delivering training πŸ’‘ I have found my happy place! My place to shine and where I aim to entertain, inform and inspire! This weekends company event was no exception πŸ’›

Wanda (@_wwoman)

My #WCE!
I love you so much and I am so proud of you- how you manage your business, how you get up at 5am to do your workout, eat healthy#boxleyisabeast. Thank you for amazing three weeks full of adventures and laughter. Thank you for almost a decade of friendship. Can't wait to come back. But I guess I will see you in Thailand? Will miss you @clasap @matue30 #keepshining #cookiesoverwater #hundi #buggybuddies #clasapandlilwandaconquerbrazil #clasapandlilwandawillconquertheworld

Angel Ejugh (@angel_ejugh_)

Failure isn't the act of failing but simply staying there #happinessmakesyouglow #keepshining

Steven Piker (@pike_steviej)

Tough times never last, but tough people do.#keepshining #stayingpositive