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Have you travelled India? India is a magical destination and one of the most unique and varied places on earth! 🏝️I've been to 26 states and share this on Eat Stay Live ➡️link in bio
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Embalse Puclaro a su máxima capacidad, evento que no se producía desde hace 10 años. Vista obtenida cerca de la localidad de Gualliguaica, comuna de Vicuña #Chile 🇨🇱

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Thank you @pascatichocolat for the bars, I will taste them soon. More and more chocolate being made in India, from cacao grown in India. It's very exciting to see more value add being done in country. In some ways, India is the perfect place to do this. 💪🏽👏🏽 These bars were gifted to me via the maker's brother-in-law. 🙏🏽 Made near Mumbai and the cacao is from my mother's birthplace Kerala. Seems I am finally learning why I came to be in chocolate. Swiss dad and Indian mom suddenly makes sense. 😉 India is top of mind for my next origin trip! Right after Switzerland #Kerala #cacao #India #beantobar #beantobarchocolate #happychocolate #origintrips


Finally getting to some of my pictures from my trip... It was filled with all of my favourite activities and this day was a highlight. It was also great because it was day one of our hike and I had clean clothes! A luxury that I didn't get to experience often in the weeks to come. #India #hiking #backcountry #Kerala #wanderlust #getoutside #exploremore #backpacking #godsowncountry #takeahike #beautifulplaces #travel #myhappyplace #travelphotography

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Keralan fishermen in a handmade canoe.

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Hola gente!! Les cuento que para terminar mi viaje volvi a India pero esta vez al suroeste donde cambian muchas comidas en relación al norte y también el paisaje! Hay una cantidad increíble de cocoteros por esto les comparto la fotito!
El agua de coco no es lo mismo que la leche de coco, en la primera se consume el líquido que hay en su interior (tiene un sabor ligeramente dulce).
Para hacer la leche de coco se usa la pulpa, es mas espesa y su aporte de calorías y grasa es mayor.
Saludos!! 😊😃😘😘