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No one is perfect thats why pencil have eraser.. But when u keep erase so many times it will torn away.
That is ok when u make any mistake , but u can't keep erase
U have to stop, fix ur mistake
And change . I believe u canq

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Max & Duke (@maxandduke)

Today Max asked for ‘blue Carol singers’ for his Christmas gift. 🤨 So if anyone wants to come sing Christmas Carols at my door this year just holla! I’m open to suggestions of other toddler-friendly gifts because I’m not sure Santa will deliver Carol singing Smurfs 🤔

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Craft tip: Use paint to transform rocks into cacti and create a garden that will live forever without any maintenance!

Pinky McKay (@pinkymckay1)

Getting friends and family on board with bodily autonomy and consent can be tricky but you need to be your child’s advocate, especially when language is very limited or can be misunderstood as rudeness. Talk to friends and family about your consent rules.
Telling grandma that she has to ask and wait for permission before scooping your toddler into a hug can be tough and addressing consent with strangers can be even more difficult. Often you are taken by surprise as an elderly person nostalgically reaches to pat your toddlers bouncy curls or squeeze those delicious chubby cheeks. We don’t want to offend when this attention isn’t meant with any harm but we also don’t want to give children the message that they are public property. That anyone can touch them whenever they want.

If your child doesn’t want to give grandpa a hug you can suggest, ‘ you don’t feel like a hug today, how about a high five for Grandpa?’ If a person reaches out for your toddler, you might say, this lady wants to stroke your hair because it looks so soft. Is that OK with you?
Whether your child responds or not, you are telling them that they are in charge of their body, that they have a right to refuse unwanted touching. You are also playing a part in educating others about asking for consent. #pinkytoddlertip