Mila (@softmilkcat)

Day 2 with Mila: She has settled in and is starting to play and seek attention. She is using her litter box like a pro in her safe room. Her favorite toy is feathers on a pole! She didn't want to eat her food so has to be fed out of my hand for now. 💕

Mila (@softmilkcat)

Day 1 with Mila: Playing with one of her toys in her safe room after finally coming out of her hiding place 😊💗💗

Kat Bailey (@battlekat129)

Dis my bag! Get yer own groceries, hooman! #kittensofinstagram #pumpkincatsofinstagram

lilith pierce (@lilithpierce)

Its literally 5:33am
And my cat literally wont let me sleep
#cats #catproblems #kittensofinstagram #mishathecat

V. Christine (@veronikachristine73)

Yes kids, mark this under a need not a want! Kitty carry on! Notice it says adult luggage on it! Okay it's for kids but if you didn't fully read the tag... get it now at Target!! #kitty #kittensofinstagram @target #targetstyle #catsofinstagram #cat #travel #luggage #grownup