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🐱🖤 If You Evfur Have the Chance to Bring Home a ▪️ Black Cat, Don't Even Think Twice! River Can Guarantee Going Black You'll Nevfur Look Back! 😻 .
👏 ConCATulations @therivercat ! River! 😻 We Think Black Cats Make EvFurry Home Complete and that Adopting a Black Cat, One will Nevfur Regret It! 🖤 You Are Our Black Cat Furrend 👋🐱 Giving Your Guarantee that Going Black is Best on this Marvelous Black Cat Thursday! 🏆 Oh and River, One More Thing, 😽 Happy #BlackCatAppreciationDay From Us to You! 🖤 Thank you fur following and tagging #FurrendsUpClose !🎉.
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We've been afk due to mom being sick, but have some kitten cuteness!

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The toddlers are working on sharing. 😹

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