Rose Goyen (@roie90)

Lexie knows how to make herself comfortable! #kittiesofinsta #saturdaysnugglesesh

🐾Blackshade,SandLeaf🏡️ (@blackshade_sandleaf)

Oh, Hi! I'm YellowClaw! I'm a 3 year old big fat tom ginger tabby cat with a white belly and green eyes! My mate is SpottedShade! Loaf her😽!

🐾Blackshade,SandLeaf🏡️ (@blackshade_sandleaf)

Hello! I'm BlackShade! I'm a 2 year old black she cat with green-yellowish eyes! Although people say:"Black cat,bad luck!" meowmy @sandtaill still adopted me! I might be a black cat but I have a pure white soul!😊😸 I'm a talkative kind of cat and I love food! Meowmy found me some months ago with my furriends:SpottedShade,YellowClaw & SandLeaf on the street! But she couldn't keep us all so she gave SandLeaf and YellowClaw to her Best Friend, BlackCloud @nora_blackcloud !πŸ–€πŸΎπŸΎβ­οΈ

🐾Blackshade,SandLeaf🏡️ (@blackshade_sandleaf)

HI!!! I'm SpottedShade! I'm a 2 year old black and yellow spotted she cat! I don't talk much but I purr alotβ™₯️! I have light green eyes and a special toe😹 I love Meowmy and all my furriends! BTW my meowmy is also @sandtaill !

Sara Grasberg (@saragrassy)

When her momma is away, she likes me okay (aka, she snubbed me for a week and a half until my mom was no longer here during the night so then I became the next best thing / replacement cat-momma and she cuddled with me the whole night, what a little stinker but I love her anyway) #catsofinstagram #sandy #cat #cats #kitty #kittiesofinstagram #catsofinsta #kittiesofinsta #tortiesofinstagram

Josefin Karlsson (@swedish_catmom)

*swipe for more*

Was selling stuff at a fleamarket today and we were graced with the presence of a certain Tabby - my neighbor kitty, Frasse :) He didn't buy anything, though. Just had a look around. Sorry, Frasse, we didn't have catnip for sale.

#cats #catsofinsta #catsofinstagram #kitties #kittiesofinsta #kittiesofinstagram #tabby #tabbycat #tabbykitty #cutetabby #browntabby

Jen Freet (@wrigleyjen)

I will never be a cat person, but I will always be an animal person... so there's always at least one kitty from every volunteer shift that steals a little piece of my heart πŸ’•

MEG | snapchat: Shutup_Meg πŸ’πŸ» (@shutup_megk)

#Buster hasn't made an IG appearance in awhile so here's a picture of what I saw when I woke up and rolled over the other morning. #cats #kitties #catsofig #catsofinsta #catsofinstagram #kittiesofig #kittiesofinsta #kittiesofinstagram #rescuecats #rescuekitties #adopt #adoptdontshop #lazycats

Bosya (@bosyacat)

Cute 😊πŸ”₯
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