Deari Okta Cahyani (@deariokta)

My #amskincareroutine for today, here they are:
☘️Innisfree apple juicy lip & eye remover
☘️Innisfree apple juicy cleansing oil
☘️Innisfree apple juicy deep cleansing foam
☘️Innisfree green tea balancing skin
☘️Innisfree green tea balancing lotion
☘️Innisfree green tea balancing cream. This product is holygrail for me bcz this is the best moisturizer that i ever meet, quickly absorb and hydrating my skin so much💚
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Racinne • Korean Skincare (@racinneca)

We're celebrating the Lunar New Year with this amazing promo on a Glimmer in Gold complete eye care set: - get it while it lasts!
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Sorry for my expression...
@laneigeid @laneige_kr known as one of the best korean beauty product. Provide us a great quality.
And they launching an application call #laneigebeautymirror to simply help us who love korean beauty product to try how their product looks on us.
Simply because they known for great product with natural result. I choose to try :
BB Cushion Pore Control SPF 50+ PA +++ No 23.
Watery Cushion Concealer No 2 (for under eyes).
Brush Highliter Pink Beam.
Pure Radiant Blush No 5.

Pure Radiant Shadow No 6.
Natural Brow Liner - Auto Pencil No 1.
Lash Fessional Mascara - No 2 Wine Brown.
Ultra Long Lasting Eyeliner No 1

Two Tone Lip Bar Orange Blurring.

I impressed with the result. What an application!!! Make us easier to find what product? Which shades? Fit perfectly on us.

Try this app to help you out and go the Laneige outlet/counter to have the real product you had try on the apps. *Their variation of skincare also great
*At Bandung Indonesia you can find Laneige at PVJ Mall.

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lins 丽明 (@linszhz)

The collection is growing little by little ❤️✨
and my love for the brand too🌴🌴
Now l need cosrx in my life (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)
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Korean Cosmetics & Skincare (@personal_shopper_4u)

Nak tengok ready stock yang masih available senang je, click je hashtag 👉 #PS4uReadyStock

Whatsapp 0174607001 cepat2 to purchase.

ATAU nak DM je pun boleh 😊 .

Meet up
🍭 everyday di USM Main Campus, Penang.
🍭 weekdays di Kulim Hitech, Hospital Seberang Jaya
🍭 by request at other nearby area (with charges)

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Recent #cosrx haul, plus some #benton masks. 💖 I've been in denial, but after a week of testing it's time to admit that my skin hates the rice mask. 😢 The Benton masks were such a skin saver! Calmed my skin down and left it super soft. Most horrible fit I've ever had on a sheet mask though!

#rasianbeauty #abcommunity #kbeauty #koreanskincare #sheetmasks

Sun^^ (李姗姗) (@sunispretty)

Review of Masks by Tony Moly && The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Cleanser is on my BLOG!
Thanks to @bbcosmetic_official for the two items! I really love the masks as I have used them before and they are really moisturizing and actually the Tony Moly masks are pretty popular as well.
I find that the cleanser is great for the mornings! Go check out my review~ && products are available on

Unity Jackson (@unityjackson)

Winter Defenders! ❄️⛄️☔️ I picked this SeaBuckthorn Cream up at A'pieu in November but have got really into it lately as a #skinbarrier strengthener cos the weather is really cold, snowy and air pollution is super high. #Seabuckthorn fruit 🍒(not seed or oil) has shown some reliable test results in skin #healing after damage because it strengthens the skin's natural barrier (top layer) of lipids, cholesterol and #ceremides. I feel better protected when I'm outside and my skin doesn't lose moisture so fast! A little goes a long way 😊
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The Beauty Weekend (@thebeautyweekend)

Good morning everybodyyy!!! Happy beauty weekeeeend! Man, I thought this day would never come. It's been a long and tiring week! Haha. Anyway, starting this beauty weekend off with another #bestinbeauty2016! :) It's another skincare item that had put my faith back to wearing sunscreen. Here's why I love this particular sunscreen, and this I will tell you: I don't see myself purchasing any other sunscreen for the rest of my life. Unless of course EH discontinues this. 😅

BEST Skincare DISCOVERY OF 2016 - Etude House Dust Block SPF 50+ PA+++ •
☆ 3 in 1 Function - Moisturizer, Sun block, and Dust block (shields my skin from the pollution I encounter from my everyday commute). •

☆ Definitely HYDRATING. Makes my skin very dewy, which is perfect because I have dehydrated skin. It's a great base for make up, because it helps eliminate dry patches. •

☆ Despite the "dewiness", it's still VERY LIGHT WEIGHT. It's sticky, yes, but it does not feel greasy and icky and melty. After a few minutes, it sets to a much less "sticky" state, and that's the time when I like to put my foundation or powder on. •

☆ It makes a rather matte foundation more satin-y (and a dewy foundation even more dewy hahaha) but does not take away from the coverage or adherence of the foundation to the skin. The foundation performs exactly the same manner that it would without the sunscreen, except for the finish. •

☆ IT DOES NOT STING or MAKE MY FACE HOT. I was once a religious user of this milk sublock that's very thin, very light weight, and non-greasy. Thought that was the perfect sunblock, until I realized that my face gets hot whenever I wear it. It's not comfortable at all especially when it's summer. Also, I felt like since that milk sunblock is warm on the skin, it opens my pores and I became more prone to breakouts. So, I ditched that, went looking for a better sunblock, and thankfully found this gem. 💗

☆ BEST PART: DOES NOT BREAK ME OUT! Yaaaassss honeeehhh!!! 😍😍😍

Jolene Johnson (@taznjade)

Argh.😣 I've been MIA lately, despite my best efforts. My daughter Lacy got sick with the stomach flu Tuesday night, leading to us both being up about once an hour the entire night. 🤒😴 She's still not 100% and I'm feeling really rundown.

So I've got some posts halfway ready to go, and if I don't end up sick I should be back to posting by tomorrow! I've got a review of a Vitamin C Serum coming up, ipsy, Sephora Play, and more. 😐 Lots of catching up to do. 😬 I've been trying to keep up with everyone's posts this week, hopefully I can get caught up quickly!

Going to go rest again, and try to write a bit. Hope everyone is having a good Friday! 😘

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