Victoria Autumn (@victoriaautumn_)

Finally posting an after picture!! I finished it back in December just in time for Christmas company 😁 (I figured I needed to put an after pic before I revealed my next home reno 🤪) #diyqueen #carpenter #lovemykregjig #kregjig #ibuiltthis

Rustic Grain Designs (@rusticgraindesigns_tampa)

@kregjig went above and beyond giving us these awesome jigs to try out while attending @workbenchconference this weekend. I also won the Kreg Foreman which is going to speed up production of pocket holes in the shop. Thank you very much @kregjig we appreciate meeting you all. #kregjig #kregtools #kregdrawerjig #kregselfpinjig #kregconsealedjig #kregforeman #rusticgraindesignstampa

Carol Sung (@carol1handygirl)

No heat in the garage...working under low temperature is not easy..but managed to get one panel of the planter assembled...大雪過後在沒暖氣的車庫做木工實在好冷❄️👍#diy #woodworking #craft #handcrafted #handmade #furniture #customfurniture #kregjig #decor #homedecor #planter #customplanters

Jeremy J. (@perezwoodworks)

And my @kregjig work center is complete !!! I painted all the cabinets and shelves white and put two coats of shellac on the tops. I then got odd looks from the Lowes employee as I waved a @kregjig clamp up and down the blue paint swatches til I found what I thought was the best match! (Olympic paint, Planetarium if any one is interested!) Cut my face frames and dawned them with said paint, and tacked em up! I ran power through a switch and a ten foot cord so anywhere the center lands in my shop I can just plug it in and power the foreman and the vac! I am overly excited about the work center, and I can not wait to use it!!!! If anyone is interested in my plans, DM me! Thanks for following!

Scott (@scottpowers9)

Adding a decorative angle to the bottom of the legs on the @ridgidpowertools oscillating spindle sander.

Mark Karnes (@asplashoforange)

A close friend of ours asked me to make a queen headboard for a guest room in her house. She wanted pallet wood and a little purple mixed in. Here’s what happened... #pallets #palletwood #purple #headboard #kregjig #ridgidpowertools #planer #trimrouter #deliveryday #makesomething #markwoodmake

Andrew Laine (@hesitanthandyman)

As I'm getting work in with my @ryobipowertools random orbit sander and job plus tools sanding attachment, I'm realizing how limited my sander selection is. After those two, I've got my grandpa's @craftsman belt sander, which is wearing out during to age, and the sanding disc for the @shopsmith, which I need to buy more abrasives for. Not gonna lie, the @ridgidpowertools oscillating edge belt/spindle sander is starting to look reeeeeeeaaaaalllly nice these days. 😂 at the very least, I need to replace the beastly belt sander. Do you guys have any recommendations on what you're loving right now? Let me know!

Sawdust Mfg. Co. (@sawdust_mfg_co)

Restoration/ upgrade on this drawer for my good buddy @preparedmed. Anytime I can support someone with a cause like his, I do it. Go check him out, he can hook you up with medical classes that can save your life... for real... go check him out!!
#kregjig #dewalt #besseyclamps #helmsman #gorillaglue #realwoodisbetter

Billups Family (@billups_inc)

In America the garage is where magic is made. Some of the greatest businesses and inventions were made in garages. This is where the Billups magic is made. #AllAmerican #RyobiNation #Everlast #Chevrolet that #Milwaukee drill under the #KregJig is on its third generation in my family. #Craftsman