Ju (@jujuhaha2)

울 가영이 #일렉톤 #엘렉톤 데뷔무대💗
같이 찍은 사진은 살쪄서 머리로 가린부분 땅콩회항언니인줄 .. 연대 #오르가니스트 다운 멋진 무대😍❤️💕👍🏻✨
피아노 연주는 #쌈마이웨이 #황금빛인생 #작곡가 시라구함당💕✨
#electone #라라랜드ost #lalalandost

Emily C (@meimi132)

This is what I did immediately after watching La La Land... I think I made a mistake finally watching it... Damn Netflix... (And I bought the OST later in the evening... I'm listening to it right now on the bus...) #lalaland #ost #music #youtube #dammit #addicted #lalalandost #cityofstars #anotherdayofsun #someoneinthecrowd #emmastone #ryangosling #movie #netflix #netflixuk #miku #hatsunemiku #covertmiku #nendoroid #nendo

── winter tricia 🐳 (@dodiespink)

[cover] city of stars pt. 3 wop ayeee
last part wop not in a great mood but it's not because i am not having "fun", it's just that it's that time of the flipping month again wee
also decided to cut some hideable bangs lol and i kind of like it so wop who says square-shaped faces couldn't have them byeee
tea is great, unsweetened even better. movies are great lol when have i said that?
last part is 30 secs so don't blame me, you peeps wanted the last 30 secs lolol so christmas theme starts tomorrow weewoo!

Joahna Paula ⚖️ (@joeiecamoly)

🎵And here's to the fools who dream, crazy as they may seem;
Here's to the hearts that break;
Here's to the mess we make🎶 #LalaLand #lalalandost #stickers #vsco #vscocam #instamood thanks to ze sister for this @leighdomingo 😘 #instapic #instagood

── winter tricia 🐳 (@dodiespink)

[cover] city of stars pt.2 wop
lol pt.2 is out yeah the chords are on the wall that's why i am staring at it lol
dm me if you need anyone to talk to about your problems, i promise i'll listen to them but i may not reply immediately as i may not be on my phone ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
i have about six weeks till the end of my holidays and the year
this year was horrible much worse than the last but i want to believe that the next will improve so let's hope that happens
wop wop go out and have fun today
drag some friends or do some self care
take a warm bath or light some candles
do whatever relaxes you and trust me, you need it wop byeeeee

── winter tricia 🐳 (@dodiespink)

[cover] city of stars pt. 1
wop because i want to do the entire song lol so there's three parts so wait till tomorrow for pt. 2
also i look super old because that's my mAm's shirt wop
i am staring at the wall cause the chords are there lol
lol i need not be so extra and just sit on the floor but it's fun lol also i welcome all constructive criticism so ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
you can dm me if you need anyone to talk to or leave shit in my thiscrush .-.
books are amazing. music is beautiful. movies are super nice.
also thank you for being nothing but wonderful and nice this past four months ♡

🌈 (@darlim_)


film2art  (@film2art)

퇴근🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️She captured a feeling, Sky with no ceiling, Sunset inside a frame 🎶#보라빛하늘 #라라랜드하늘 #purplesky #sanset #lalalandsky #lalalandost #audition

피아노투게더 (@pianotogether)

🎹 라라랜드OST(Mia&Sebastian's Theme)
피아노투게더에 새로운 클래식쌤이 오셨어요~🤗🤗
기념으로 한곡 연주해주셨답니다~ 넘좋지않나요?😉

Eunjeong Heo (@ej_jennifer)

은우랑 오빠랑 자는 이 시간에 작은방에서 컴퓨터로 #lalalandost 들으면서 사진 정리하니 먼가 3년 전 진짜 내방에서 저녁보내는 것같은 기분🙈
매일 노래들으면서 일기쓰고 미드보다 잠들었는데 결혼과 육아로 너무 나태해진거같다 😭
11월부터라도 운동도 하고 일기도 써야겠다 내 일기는 우리집 만능 데이터였는데 이제 엄마아빠가 지나간 행사 물어보도 찾을 수 없어 🤦🏼‍♀️ 10월의 마지막 날 꼭 덕수궁 돌담길을 남편과 보내야지라는 막연한 꿈 대신 책상앞에 앉아 노래듣고 책보고 일기쓰는 이 시간도 좋네 ❤️ #처녀인척 #실상은은우엄마 #내시간은개뿔 #나태금지 #새로마음다지기 #미드도보자 #영어가먼가요 #아기영어동요가사에숨이턱막힌다 #은우야엄마도영어다시배울껰ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #몇년기다려💪