Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

Add beauty and value to your home. We offer multiple options such as outdoor features for small yards, or large projects that will beautify your acreage. We use our passion, expertise and creativity to design the water feature that is perfect for you. #WaterByDesign

Planta Landscape (@plantalandscape)

We’re very happy to help sponsor the @calglensoccer club jerseys for the youth soccer team! #sponsor #youthsoccer #teamwork #landscapecalgary

Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

A series of cascading spills and holding pools makes this feature loud and incredible! This feature is on a steep grade, surrounded by plant life in and all around. The perfect feature to tie your backyard together #WaterByDesign

Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

Enhance your outdoor space with a pond, waterfall, streamed or bubbler. We use natural rock hardscapes to create incredible visuals for your yard including retaining walls, stairs and patios. Built with passion, expertise and creativity to design the water feature that is perfect for your yard. #WaterByDesign

Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

We also specialize in rebuilt features, here's one of our featured rebuilds: The Bluntson Oasis
Rundle encased rock, with nozzels that run off a controller with 4 program options to give a water park feel, perfect for kids to interact with! #WaterByDesign

Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

Here’s a look at one of our in home water walls: The Greensland Indoor Water Wall

Indoor water features add humidity to any space and clean the air of dust and pollens. The sound of water drowns out the hustle and bustle of downtown, traffic and distracting noises. So not only a thing of beauty but a few more reasons to invest into a water feature from Water By Design! #waterbydesign

Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of our clients for an amazing year. We designed some of the most spectacular indoor and outdoor features, and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. #waterbydesign

Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

Here’s a look at one of our larger projects: The Dunoff Oasis

A waterfall surrounded by rocks, with a pond flowing under a bridge. Having a water feature brings good fortune and good luck, symbolizing that’s it more than just a feature.

Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

Here’s a look at the bond water blade

Custom designed to fit our clients backyard, featuring a waterfall blade over a stone wall. The perfect feng shui to any backyard. #WaterByDesign

Water By Design (@waterbydesign)

Here’s one of our projects from this summer: The Bauert Bubbler

A fully designed rock oasis with three main bubbler features, keeping a constant flow of water. A perfect addition to any backyard #waterbydesign
Happy Holidays from Water By Design

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When the temperatures plummet and a normally hot sun is now a facade for heat; only the strong show up. #winterlandscaping

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Just a reminder we have well over 100 tandem loads of sandstone stock piled and ready to go. Give us a call for all your sandstone needs. #landscapecalgary #landscapeyyc #landscaping #yyclandscape #yycbuilder #sandstone #sandstonerocks #sandstoneboulders

Dion Wakefield (@313crawler)

Stacking rocks today... Lots more to go, this is only the start of this project.
#rockwall #hardscape #rocks #landscapecalgary #landscapeyyc #naturalstone #naturalstonewall #yyclandscaping