Erfan Ghasemy (@erfan_g)

We were treated to a beautiful shoulder season Lake Louise today. Probably one of the most beautiful things I've seen.

David Gay (@davidg__photography)

Skogafoss. Another one of Icelands really popular waterfalls. Right off the road on hwy 1.

Seth Lowe (@sethlowephoto)

When I was at Columbia, I would get impatient with the repeated projects involving simple things like dining duotones or complex lines in real life. Week after week, simple assignments like this. Many years later I am thankful for how those rules subconsciously inform my images I still take on a daily basis.

KD Creative (@sefrie_bae)

Pucuk pucuk pucuk pucuk 🌿🌿🌿

Kyle Hamilton (@khphotograph)

Nothing like a little R&R lakeside with the family.
#enohammock #burmisoutdoor

Miranda🌻photography📸 (@mandavargas)

When he kisses her storm rises beneath her skin .. for she is the ocean and he , her moon ...

Andrew Jones II (@stilljones_)

Not edited, just natural beauty. That's also like 90% of my photos

Cody Murrison (@cody_murrison)

Rule your mind or it will rule you👤