Brandon Smith (@thismachinekillshipsters)

If you've ever been claustrophobic, you wouldn't think it would be here. Endless dead ends, trapped in a vast expanse of nothing. I find towns like these very black and white. There is either complete disdain or adulation for this place. Your soul will die here unless you're here by choice, in which case it will thrive. Get out if can. Stay if you wish.

Dylan Nihte (@nihtehawk)

Beautiful water and city views from an apartment in Olympic Village, (not my listing) with clients. There are some excellent options coming on market but they are not lasting long. Sellers and Buyers are waking up and the good ones are being sold quickly. If you have time, get your financing in order and work with your Realtor. They have inside knowledge and follow neighbourhood trends. Good luck out there! #realestate #realestateagent #vancouverrealty #condos #houses