Alexis, Paris 🇫🇷 (@alexis_ble)

Always a nice moment when flying to Scandinavia.
Fabulous view and colors, love this !
Can’t wait to go back ! 😃
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Roughneck Tours (@roughnecktours)

Clear morning skies up in the mountains, fog down in the valley!

Nicholas Ribeiro (@ncr1183)

Great course and really awesome locker room! Ranked top 10 in the state of Arkansas!

RJ Wilner (@rjwilnerphotography)

Clingmans Dome 079, 10/22/2013
What a fantastic morning on Clingmans Dome. Arrived early enough to catch the sunrise color....that mostly didn't happen due to heavy cloud cover. But as the sun cleared the horizon, that cloud cover started to break just a little. And then a single rather large sun ray appeared. Shortly after the hole closed on that one, a small group of rays appeared. And for roughly the next half hr, it ebbed and flowed from a single ray to a small group of rays always being visible. And then, in a matter of 15-20 seconds this large array of rays joined the party and put on a show that lasted several minutes. It was a joy to shoot, and almost as much fun to hear the excitement in the voice of a workshop leader while he was tossing out tips to his participants as it all unfolded.
Anyone who's shot Clingmans Dome knows what a crapshoot it can be to shoot there. When it's good, it's great. When the fog sets in and/or the cloud cover is so thick and seemingly hanging just over your head, it can be a bust. Think I'm pretty safe in saying this was one of those good sessions. :) __________________________________________
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Another-Tim (@theadventuretab)

The sun warms the heart and frees the mind. The waves constant rhythm sets pace to the soul.... forward.

Another-Tim (@theadventuretab)

Lines lines everywhere the lines....

Will (@wcmaherphotography)

I’ve been lucky enough to capture this natural phenomenon more than once over the last two years. This year’s horsetail falls light – show on 2/22/17 was spectacular!
I spent over 8 hours standing in rain showers, being pelted by hailstones, and braving snow flurries just for the chance to witness this natural beauty. I hope you like it!