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Wandering around Split we find this hidden courtyard and we were caught by this innovative way of drying the clothes 😂😂 no come on we really love it, old style way and reminded us of our Italian youth! Do you still dry your clothes in this way around your country? Or do you actually do it yourselves?? ••➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖•➖••
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Kerepacupai Vena - Salto Ángel P N Canaima

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「Memories of Jeju」
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1770 brought us back to rocky cliffs and surfing breaks.

SICILIA | #SicilyVibes (@sicilyvibes)

📍Aci Trezza, Sicilia
Congratulazioni a @fabrizio_caruso90 per la foto.
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