dedleg (@dedleg)

Brianna got this little landscape to memorialize her brother. It's an honor to work on special and sensitive projects like this one & I always enjoy tattooing this type of subject matter.

-•Emily•- (@belladonnabeds)

I had this dream the other day where everything was in dots. The sky, the mountains, the lake, the people; everything, except for me. It was pretty bizarre so I tried to recreate it, kinda failed compared to the dream but this one was fun to do 🌿

sduke85 (@sduke85)

Was going to wait to post a pic of my new #tattoo but couldn't resist the urge.. needless to say I love it! I shall certainly post better photos once the swelling has gone down. Thanks to Martin couley who worked his magic as usual.
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Mel Perlman (@mizmeltattoos)

Thank you Laura for getting this. It was a lot of fun.